Adding title causes save to abort

Yesterday I was able to save a job with v6 that caused v5 to abort about half way. Today I manually put in all my options from v5 plus checked the extra few unique to v6 and thought that as a test I'd try a fade up from black at the head of the same job, but I can't see how to invoke a fade. Instead I put a black title. Unfortunately it causes v6 to abort at 0KB saved - if I get rid of it it saves OK. I've also noted that the 'save video' dialogue is telling me that an audio recode is required, but I have not done anything to the audio so I do not see why that should be. The source is an h.264 ts file.


Staff member
In V6 the easiest way to fade up from black is to go to Tools>Options>Transitions and enable fade. This will force an audio recode because the audio is also faded up.