Adding in/out points just prior to rendering

I had a long video file on the PC & had selected all of my in/out points and was at the point of telling the program to render out a new file when I decided to go back to very early and delete a scene that decided I didn't want in final video.

Is there any way to add in/out points at this stage? If so how is it done?


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I may be not following this correctly but you would select the area you don't want as usual and click on "cut selection".

Save off a Project file to play it safe. Easy to mess up other selected areas.
Lets say that you had 5 in points & 5 out points and just before you render out a new file you decide you want to add a 6th cut but you wanted to add it say between the 1st & 2nd in points. Can you do this without staring over as a new project?


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Over on the far right there is a vertical list of the cuts being made. You can remove the cut area you want to work in and redo just that area in a new way.


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You can add them in any order you want. It's a non-linear editor. So if you forget a cut just go back and add it.
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