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A couple of things after using version 6 for 1 day. I don't like that the program disappears into a small window while Ad scanning. It looks the same as if it is saving your final file. If you have to do it that way it is fine - what I would like in that scenario is a different sound indicating it is done Ad scanning than the same sound it is using right now for saving a file. If you could give us that option to have a different sound for the Ad scan completed portion I could live with the minimized program window while scanning. Thanks.


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If you go to Ad-detective parameters and click on the common tab, you can revert to the old style "interactive" mode. When you run in interactive mode, I suggest turning off the deinterlacer on the Tools>Options>Playback devices as this slows down interactive Ad-Detective. This has been fixed for the next beta, Build 807.

I like the idea of a different sound for Ad-detective completion and have added it to our "to do" list. Thanks.
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