Ad-Detective: Save multiple files?


Hello :

My prob: Many very big files with many episodes of a series. I tried ad-detective with works great, but it output one one big file. But I need multiple files, one after each ad-break.

Can Video-Redo do that?


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To save your file as separate segments, try Batch Manager.
Click on the menu: Tools>Start Batch Manger and specify your destination directory. Click "Done" to return to the main editing screen.
It is easier to use scene mode in this case.
Select "Scene Mode" and "Queue To Batch Clears Cut List" in Tools>Options>General Parameters)
Select each segment individually and add it to the Batch with Ctrl+B
Select your next segment and add to Batch with Ctrl+B
Continue until you have selected all of your segments then click Tools>Start Batch Manger and press the "Save and Execute" button. Your files will be saved as individual segments.


Thx for answer

But maybe I get something wrong, it not works for me

IF I use scene-modus, only the ad-parts of my file are shown, but I want the non-ad-parts

If I choose a scene, select it and press ctrl-B the scene-list is empty and I can´t choose the next scene ?

Or do I have to start ad-detective new and select then next scene? But this would be action for a lifetime to do this with big files

Edit: Oh, I forget the invert-button ;)

But still same prob, after adding one scene to batch all other scenes in the list disappear :(
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Select the scene and add to batch. Then go back and use Undo to undo the last scene selection. Then select the next scene and queue to batch.


Thx, but it don´t works the way I want :(

No matter whether I selcet Scene/Cut-Mode, if I add a 6 Min-Scene to Batch and execute it I get a 4GB-File ?


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Before you save to batch, look at the timeline. Make sure that it is all red except for the 6 min section you want to save. Then queue to batch. Note that once you queue something to batch, it saves the cuts at the time it was queued. If you change any cuts, it does not change what has already been queued to batch.


Again a question about Ad-Detective:

Can I config the detective to start and end at a section of the file? ATM i only mangae to run the detective at the complete file
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