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i just figured out this program, and i selected in out points and put them on the cut board. which then compiled them together seamlessly, as advertised. I wanted to save these points as chapters, which i figured i needed the trial key for and so requested it and put it in. yet when i exit and relaunch the program like it told me too....it keeps asking me to request the trial code again.....and it carries on in circles.

now that isnt a big issue, as im just a college student tryin to compile a few scenens from dvds that i like for my body of research. For somereason it wont allow me to open any other scenes from dvd's, other than the one i did first which was 'requiem for a dream'.

any suggestions how i can cut bits of other films out into mpeg to then put on a dvd showcasing my research?

is some sort of security thing on the dvds or is it the program.



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i have overcome the problem with the VOB files by using DVD decrypter, alas....due tot his trial thing it will not let me save anything - despite exactly putting in the contents of the email sent when requesting the code. please help.


If you are having problems with keys, of any kind, please email us at support@videoredo.com. Best to attach a copy of your VideoReDo.log file.

We don't discuss keys in the public forums.
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