757b - Navigation function Slider is entire messed up now


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757b - Navigation function is entire messed up now

In 757 b the Navigation Menue Slider Function is no longer working accurate as before.

1. The "Setup Menu" Box for the Slider Parameters is showing a wrong Area and looks messed up / see screenshot attched


2. the Slider itself once you loaded up Media is only working for "10" or less seconds if you move the slider to the right now.
IN 748 it is "8:20" minutes you can slide smooth forwards and backwards.
And it is no longer possible to slide in smooth in seconds , only like 30 seconds Steps per slider movement which is working flawless in 748


It can be that once you install 757b for the 1st time you can atually move the slider 500 secs as expected,
but you may there already realize that it is not possible to slide smooth in seconds anymore.

To reproduce the misfunction then with only having some seconds at all to slide
you can type in 500 again in the Menue Slider "Area Box" and press ok.
It is showing this as defaulty entry but once you retype that the trouble starts even more.

If i reinstall 748 and type in 500 there it is still working like a charm afterwards.
I can smooth slide in seconds for 500 seconds.

OS Windows 10 64 Bit - 1703

German Videoredo Language.
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