747f and before - Uncompressed AVI won't go past 8:20.15


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[Edit]Subject should be 746f. I mistyped and it doesn't let me edit the subject.

As a Christmas present for my wife I'm finally getting around to extracting the video from my old Sony Digital 8 camcorder. I've found that any video will not let me view past 8:20.15. If I click in timeline or drag the thumb deep into the file it snaps back to 8:20.15. If I do that repeatedly then it tells me I need to Quickstream Fix the file. It is 100% consistent with these files.

I can work around it by converting the file to MPEG2 but I thought you'd want to know. Since it's uncompressed it might be impractical for me to send you a sample. An 8:20+ video would be in excess of 2GB I'm guessing. In fact my current first-pass guess as a programmer is that an 8:20.15 video in this format is exactly 2GB. That would at least explain the consistent stopping point across the dozens of files I've extracted. I haven't tested all of them but I have not yet found a file that lets me get past that point.

I've had some other issues during this process that I'll address in another post.

Also, thank you for making the software I used to make my wife cry tears of joy yesterday.

Here's the video info in case that helps.
 File:                                     Name : D:\Old Tapes\Christmas 2008 with Greg and Kristi\2008-12-25_12-19-05.avi
                                           Size : 5.189 GB
                                       Duration : 00:22:49.04
                                       Mux type : AVI
 Video:                                Encoding : DVVIDEO
                                   Uncompressed : yes
                                  VideoStreamID : x201
                                     Frame rate : 29.97 fps
                                  Encoding size : 720 x 480
                                   Aspect ratio : 4:3
                                Header bit rate : 0.000 Mbps
                                    Progressive : False
                                         Chroma : 4:2:0
                                     Captioning : None found
 Audio Stream: 1 (Primary)                Codec : LPCM
                                       Channels : 2.0
                                       Language : ???
                                            PID : x202
                                  PES Stream Id : xBD
                                       Bit rate : 1536 Kbps
                                  Sampling rate : 48000
                                    Sample size : 16 bits
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