746f - AVI converted to MPEG and burned to DVD doesn't play right


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I extracted videos from my old Sony Digital8 camera to uncompressed AVI. Then I used VRD to convert the videos to MPEG2 and I burned them to DVD. I've found that my Bluray player and my Xbox 360 both will start to play the video and then probably less than a minute into the video they will start to hang up. It happens to each of the DVDs I made.

When I burned the DVDs they showed as being DVD compliant. They did not require major transcoding and I did not check the box to allow non-compliant video.

Here's the info on the MPEG:
 File:                                     Name : E:\Old Tapes\Our Wedding\Wedding from the balcony_Ceremony.mpg
                                           Size : 3.144 GB
                                       Duration : 00:40:10.29
                                       Mux type : PS - MPEG2
 Video:                                Encoding : MPEG2
                                  VideoStreamID : xE0
                                     Frame rate : 29.97 fps
                                  Encoding size : 720 x 480
                                   Aspect ratio : 4:3
                                Header bit rate : 9.800 Mbps
                                     VBV buffer : 224 KBytes
                                        Profile : Main@Main
                                    Progressive : Prog or Int
                                         Chroma : 4:2:0
                                       Bit rate : 8.544 Mbps
                                     Captioning : None found
                                    Field order : Top field first
 Audio Stream: 1 (Primary)                Codec : LPCM
                                       Channels : 2.0
                                            PID : xA0
                                  PES Stream Id : xBD
                                       Bit rate : 1536 Kbps
                                  Sampling rate : 48000
                                    Sample size : 16 bits
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