746 and older - Don't Combine more mp4 files to one.


Version 746f and olders:

- I try open two files "1.mp4" and "1.mp4" concurrently.
- Program offers me choices "Combine", "Join" and "Add to DVD".
- When I select "Combine" (Group the selected files into one large editable file) on timeline is only first video "1.mp4".

Both files "1.mp4" and "1.mp4" was uploaded to your ftp server (under thread number 36020).

With combining .mpg files isn't problem.
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You could never combine MP4 files, only join them. If you join them first you should be fine. The reason way mpg files work, but not mp4 files is that mpg files are streaming files, they have no header, but mp4 files are much more complex inside, they have header, internal pointers to audio and video data. We've been discussing "fixing" the combine option screen so it won't even present the combine option for MP4 files.
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