.674 stops halfway thru with the Yellow caution


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I've a rather large 1440x1080 mpeg2 video 150gb file with 48khx mpeg audio and I'm in scene mode selecting 2 scenes to fill a dvd amd the recode stars ok and goes to about the halfway point or maybe it is the second scene then the yellow caution triange and time remaining increases
This is a brand new fresh install on a new hdd with fresh install of the os so the tweaks are missing . There was something in options that DanH told me about which I can't remember
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Not sure what you're talking about. Maybe increasing the buffers would help? Hold Shift and click Tools->Options then double the values for #13 and #14. Not sure what else would cause a stall like that.

Why is your file so big? Is it really high bitrate? Or really long?


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thanks for the answer
I wasn't sure myself (what I was talking about)
Seems the best video I can achieve from avchd to dvd is by first converting the avchd to mpeg2hd then use vrd 2pass to recode to dvd.
I had one loooong file nearly 14 hours from a 2 day shoot and I wanted to do a batch recode over night creating 20 different dvds from it
I used scene markers just as markers and that seemed to be causing the issue because when I cleared all the scene markers and used timecode instead where the scene markers were all went well on 3 manual recodes
So now I will define all the dvds I want out of the big motherfile and commit to an overnite batch.
Hopefully I'll have a bunch of dvds ready to burn and then duplicate tomorrow morning unless the computer chokes (12gb memory)
See I still dont know what I'm talking about

12 hours and 17 dvds later all is well this morning:rolleyes:
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