582 Save Project does Save Project As...


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In 582 when I do a Save Project (Ctrl-P), it does a Save As...

I don't know if it makes a difference but I use TVAP which peforms a QSF before the project file is created via Comskip. TVAP creates the new mpeg file with a new filename (_QSF is appended) so the video file and project filenames are different.

The project name that's populated in the Save As File name field is the video filename ( with _QSF). I remove the _QSF and it asks me if I want to replace the project file, I say Yes. Then for "good measure" if you want to call it that, the Save As dialog box comes up a second time. This time the File name field is blank so I highlight the project filename from the list then click Save. I'm asked if I want to replace the file again and say Yes.

TVAP continues on its way to create the final mpeg file (Save Video As).

I don't think this is a TVAP issue but rather the new Save code in 582 because I didn't have a problem saving projects in earlier versions.

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We broke something with the project save filename in 582. Has been fixed for 583. Sorry about that.


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Installed 583. It's still not quite right (or as it was prior to 582).

Doing Ctrl-P is still bringing up Save As... The video filename not the project name is showing in the File name field. But it's not asking the second time - that's good.

Remember, I'm using TVAP so the video file name and the project name are different.
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