5.12.740 no pids specified


Well hopefully this hasn't already been covered as a look around the beta section didn't turn up any mentions....

If I write a full transport stream to a file and then open it in Videoredo 5.12.740 it displays the first channel it came across without problem, but if I attempt to change to one of the other channels in the file via Tools > Select Stream > Video I get an error message No PIDs specified when trying to open a transport stream. I've increased the Mbytes to scan at file open to 500 and the PMT sample points to 100 but they made no difference.

I've tried it with the 7 Network (a mix of MPEG2 and MPEG4 channels) and ABC (MPEG2 only), a couple of Australian networks.

VLC will let me change between the channels in the files without any problem.


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740 is known to have problems with TS files.
Try another container... .MP4 or MKV and see how it works.



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This is something I've already fixed for the next beta. When I wrote the new code I didn't havea file with multiple video PIDs to test with so I never tested the code. I've since received a sample from another user and used it to test and fix the video PID switching.
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