4k ?

In HD, 720(p/i) = 1280x720, 1080(p/i) = 1920x1080 - i.e. the description refers to the vertical resolution, so why is UHD called 4K when it's only 3840x2160? Surely that's 2K.

I is confused! :)

(OK, I've just read the Wikipedia article about this but it seems to me to be a con as UHD-1 isn't 4K by any measurement or standard. How have they been allowed to perpetuate this lie?)
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But that would be 4X, not 4K :)

The Wikipedia article says that instead of using the vertical resolution they now measure the horizontal resolution and by that method DCI is indeed 4K (4096×2160) but since UHD-1 has become the domestic standard and it is reduced to 3840x2160 to make it 16:9, it is no longer 4K. It's stupid to change the measurement method when if they'd stuck with the previous way it would be 2K regardless of DCI or UHD-1 and there wouldn't be a problem.

I know I'm being excessively pedantic about this but it doesn't seem to make much sense. Idiotic marketing I suppose...