4k MP4 (XAVC-S) format to be supported


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Just took delivery of a sony ax1000 which produces 4k MP4 (XAVC-S) format files.
vrd accepted the file however immediately crashed when clicking "Author and Burn" in the "Create DVD" procedure.
Is this something vrd intends to support because although I'm now shooting in 4K at least half my customers want it on DVD.


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We've tested 4K internally, but we have some memory issues when dealing with 4K. There is a cache in the H.264 decoder that we use to speed up seeking that stores decoded frames at full size uncompressed. With 4K these frames are simply too big and overflow the buffer. The thumbnails have the same issue. We've got an item in our queue to look at adding some sort of compression to these frames, like jpg, so they're not so huge but it's on the long term list so it's something we probably wont get to for a while.

The other issue with 4K is that while there are a few H.264 devices using it now, in the future it will transition to H.265 and that's gonna require a lot more work on our part to support. We can't really advertise 4K support without H.265 support as well.


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not a problem for me as I'll downres the 4k to hd in my nle (edius7) then carry on making a dvd in vrd
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