3950x 16core...Set a cpu speed/voltage. "NOT Stock"... Cooler&faster if multi core use.


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Finally set down to try to get rid of those awful 1.48-1.5 voltages on the cpu and mid 80C temps.

Was easy... if you set any cpu voltage the awful single core boosting will stop and the temps drop.
No more 1.5 volts on the cpu!

(4.250 Ghz @1.28125v) ...EDIT( had to drop to 4.225 Ghz due to instability)
In VRD6 the temp dropped from 72C to 68C and gained 3-4fps in speed. Pass1 25%, Pass2 50% usage.

In TMPGEnc with contrast,color,contour,video denoise...
Stock was 11C hotter (82C/26Ambient) and 3fps slower.

4.25 Ghz @1.28125v was 71C/26Ambient (11C cooler) and 3fps faster... 86fps vs 83fps.

I did once run the cpu at 1.3v and 4.3Ghz and the CPUZ single core bench was equal to the stock single core boosting.
But that is getting toward "the bleeding edge". The temps were back in the 80Cs again.
Think I've read that you would be lucky to do 4.4Ghz.

Ryzen Master is the best program to monitor and set speeds/voltages for testing. I'll put the settings in the bios later.
I started the voltage low in Ryzen Master and increased it a step at a time as things got more stable.

Was interesting watching Cinebench20 run a little longer each time I upped the voltage.
Finally for my cpu (YMMV) I've settled on 4.25 Ghz @1.28125v.

I can not drop the voltage but I might be able to nudge the speed up to 4.275Ghz once I get a feel for what is normal.
Not that I would be able to "notice" such a small increase.

I'm on a Noctua D15 air cooler so temps are my biggest concern. The 11C drop in TMPGEnc was a nice surprise!
So a little faster and a little to a LOT cooler...Win,Win!

I'm on 3200 (XMP) 16 Gigs, two slots

I want to up my Ram to 64 Gigs. But once you go from fillng two slots to filling all four slots the timings go way down.
If I remember correctly I gained 5-7% in encoding speed by setting my16 Gigs to it's XMP(3200) setting.

I may lose that. Don't known yet how bad it's going to be.
Tweaking Ram timings is a deep rabbit hole I don't want to go down...hope I don't go down.

About the observer effect when monitoring Ryzen voltage: https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/c ... gen_ryzen/
I'm sticking with lower temps and volts. I can't sit there and see 85C and 1.5 volts on my cpu and think..."That's ok".

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I did similar and have my voltage set to 1.265 and all core at 4300. My ram is at 1.27v (won't do XMP with 4 sticks and had to low to 3200 with fairly loose timings).
I also have a D15 Chromax cooler.



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I did similar and have my voltage set to 1.265 and all core at 4300. My ram is at 1.27v (won't do XMP with 4 sticks and had to low to 3200 with fairly loose timings).
I also have a D15 Chromax cooler.
That is really good volts/speed!

I would set mine in Ryzen Master after boot(settings would not boot in bios) and everything worked...
except that each evening the pc would crash once.
So over days, moving the voltage up a step a day it finally stopped the daily crash at 1.29375 volts/4.225Ghz.

(4.25Ghz/1.3 volts would crash in cinebench. Have read that 1.325v is AMD's max SAFE long term voltage limit. Others say NO.)

EDIT...have also read that 1.275 should be max for "all core", but they were doing "Precision boost override" & "auto overclock"
which I am not doing at all... so will keep reading.

Going to try the stable settings as a bios setting and see if I can stop having to boot "stock" then drop things with Ryzen Master.

My 64 gigs of 3200 ram would also NOT work at XPM. It reset the bios!

But setting XMP and reducing the ram speed worked. I've inched the speed back up to 3066 so far.
Just two steps below 3200. Fabric speed 1533.

May try that last step(3133) or not. Think I want to stay more then 1 step away from an "unstable" 3200.
(Hate getting the bios reset!)

VRD6 X264 encoding would slow down if the ram speed was in the low 22xx range (what the bios settled on after it did it's "retraining"). Very tight timings "14" instead of the "18" of XMP. But speed is more important!
The upper 2xxx range had the normal encoding fps.

Here is a der8auer video on his mount mod to be able to move the cooler over the chiplets hotspot!


He did a question/answer video later and said that it would support air coolers(Noctua) and be available in the US
in a few weeks. Think I may get one and play with it.
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I have used those settings for a while now but just lowered the multi to 42.5 since I tried the Aida64 benchmark tests and for some reason the FP64Ray Trace bench would crash me at those settings. It took 1.3v or the 42.5 multi to complete. I figured best to lose a little speed to make sure I don't crash while doing a lot of re-codes. I have had it running around 12hrs straight doing the x265 conversion with handbrake before but to lose one nites work for a few minutes time the slightly slower speed isn't worth it.

CB is no problem even run as a loop for 300minutes to check temps but that FP64 Ray Trace really was an eye opener.

I saw that mounting hardware on OC a while ago and I don't think it will have much if any change with the D15 with the way the base and heatpipes cover such a broad area. I notices that the base of the D15 is juts barely bigger the the heat spreader of the chip.

I don't use version 6 for much of anything and don't think the upgrade was worth it since for me the two things I don't like is it is not as smooth and quick as v5 and during ad-detective it hides the display (I like to see where the markers are while it's running).


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"Ad-Detective Parameters">"Common Parameters"...Checkbox "Use interactive Ad-Detective"

Will unhide the display while it's running...Just checked it out and yes it does now display while running.

(I am so up in the air on what the actual "safe" voltage limit is... so many different opinions!)


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Thanx on the ad-detective but it still is not even close to sa smooth as v5. I at first thought the it was my computer which is about 5yo right now (Intel 4790 @ 4600) but with this one being about the same I see it is the program itself. MY other is still running because I can't run win8.1 on this setup. I need 8.1 or lower for media center and my cable card tuner to function. That computer has run 24/7 since I built it with the only down time was when I moved and when I went from a 4770 to the 4790 cpu and it is for longevity is why I like to keep the voltage and heat down as much as possible.
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