32Core/64Thread AMDs are out now...


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Finally the reviews are out.

For here, unless you have enough videos to encode that you can run three
X264 encodes all at once. (uses only 10-11 cores) 30% of 32 core Threadripper
you don't need the 32 core cpu.

You might think the cheaper 12 core would be a good fit but there must be overhead
as the 16 core is 14% faster. Not to be lightly ignored.

Six or eight H264 encodes all at once would also be needed if you still use H264 and not X264.
If you have that kind of work load then you need the 32 core 2990WX Threadripper.

I'm staying with my "old" 1950X 16 core.
Thankfully the new 2950X 16 core is only 2-6% faster so still good to go.

Seems like only specialized rendering programs will truely use all 32 cores.
W10 and software need to catch up with the hardware now.

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