3-10-2-596 becomes very sluggish

At random times 596 becomes very slow to respond, even to the point that the small frame display with the audio waveform takes minutes to draw with each frame appearing after up to 30 seconds. Loading any file once the problem has happened continues to show the problem. The only way to resolve the problem is to close and re-open VR.

The source file is typically a simple MPEG-2 transport stream and is error free. The system is a core2quad, Win 7 64 bit.

A prior version of VR (.587) does not exhibit the issue.


Staff member
I did remember see this problem myself about 6 months ago. After trying to find it all day, it turned out that the anti-virus program was somehow interacting with VideoReDo and slowing it down when reading or writing files. Can you see if disabling the real-time portion of your anti-virus makes a difference? Which anti-virus are you running?