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16/0 True cores 1% faster then 16/32threads. Threadripper


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Did a bunch of speed/voltage encode testing and found that
with a 10minute (dvd) mpg file (to X264.mp4@VerySlow preset)

16 cores were consistantly 2 seconds faster then the full 16/32 threads setting.
Encode time 3minutes 20 seconds. Gained 1% in fps.

Got 90 hours to encode. should take 30 hours to do it and every fps helps.
(only 10-11 cores used) :(

Crashes at 4Ghz but got 8 hours of encoding @ 3.95Ghz done yesterday.
Air cooled Noctua. Temps Mid 65 C +/- with an ambient 86 F(30 C) (florida).

Always hope for that "4Ghz" but can never get there (with good temps).
There is a high speed fan on the cooler and the case to keep temps down.
Good thing is that you KNOW when the computer has finished it job.