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    Subtitles extraction - is it possible?

    Hello, can you tell me if VRD v5 can extract subtitles (not hardcoded) from HDTV broadcast (from h264 *.ts container)? Similar to funcionality of ProjectX which can do it with mpeg2 *.ts and save subtitles to sub or srt format.
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    Few notes about beta release

    Hello, at first please let me to say I am impressed with the new version of vrd5 and especially with its h264 cutting engine. It work very accurate and fast. Even if you write that it should be slower than in vrd4. Anyway I would like to notice few things I have find out. Calculated bitrate...
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    Requested trial key doesnt work

    Hello, I would like to try VideoReDo v5 beta, but if I try input generated trial key, it say: This key is for use with VideoReDo Plus and cannot be used with VideoReDo TVSuite. Does it mean that only current customers can try v5 beta? Thank you
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