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    Can users please test the full screen display?

    Sorry, didn't see this earlier. If you use Chrome Internet Browser, you have the option to enable Casting to Chromecast device. IIRC, it's initially in the settings (three vertical dots at the top right), but you can then add a button to the menu bar. When you select, it asks what you want to...
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    Can users please test the full screen display?

    FYI, I use Chromecast from Chrome browser, which allows me to cast the desktop (ie any program) to my TV. VRD6 works fine in full screen mode doing this.
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    GoPro files problems with 732.

    I am having consistent problems with files from my GoPro using 732. It either aborts without warning or hits the YEMOD and remaining time just increments until I stop it. Trying to load another file then doesn't work: I get a largebuffermalloc notice. The files are MP4, 1080p (25fps)recorded...
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    Feature Request: PCM

    Hi. Apologies if this has actually been implemented, but I can't see it. Is there any chance of an option to convert 5.1 AAC to 5.1 PCM? I have only one playback machine that will do this on the fly, and I think that converting to 5.1 AC3 or DTS, which would be preferred, is financially...
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    Other problems with UK terrestrial TV HD with 5.1 sound.

    All files recorded from Humax HDR T2. I have a few problems with AAC audio on both MKV and TS files, multi-channel.. Despite having the convert to ADTS function selected on the profiles, it has been leaving them as LATM/LOAS and causing problems with my PCH A-410, which refused to give sound...
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    TVS (667) seems to want to select MPEG1 audio instead of AAC

    HI. As you probably know, in the UK we use H264 for HD and MPEG2 (until it goes to H264 as well)for SD broadcasts. Both satellite and Terrestrial often send an audio description sound track (AD) which is often mono, which TVS does not like. On HD satellite, the main audio is sent in AC3...
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    False detection of AAC audio (646a)

    Hi, I have not seen this precise problem reported before. I still use an SD Topfield for much of my recording here in the UK. As far as I know, terrestrial SD broadcasts here are always Mpeg 2 with Mpeg audio. Sometimes it seems that VRD gets it wrong. General ID...
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    Problem with batch manager

    HI. Not sure if this is a 637 problem, but I have had batch manager working ok before. Now, I keep being told that com is not properly registered. So I run VRD as administrator and try again, OK the try to register com now, but cannot get past the warning messages about running as...
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    Factory Reset

    Lately, I have had the feeling that TVS 4 was a bit slow, which I was inclined to blame on my PC. But trying V3, things seemed a lot quicker, of course comparing Mpg to Mpg. I then read a reply which mentioned that a particular work-around should only be used as necessary, so I attacked the...
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    Com Object won't register.

    I have a problem with the com object not registering on my old desktop running Win 7 32 bit. I try starting the batch manager. A popup tells me the com object is not registered, would I like to try. I say yes. Another popup says try running VRD as administrator one time, which, although I...
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    Audio Buffer problems but not with V3

    Hi. I am using the Nov 15 release of TVSv4. When editing MPEG2 files I am occasionally getting the audio ring buffer overflow warning. QSF does not fix it. ie, it doesn't run past the same point at which the normal save as operation fails. After this error, TVS remains minimized and it needs...
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    No data found for the requested program(s)

    Hi. I am currently using the 613 beta, but this problem has ocurred with every version of VRD. Incidentally, I don't think VRD is to blame, but perhaps some seting option will help cure it. I normally use a Topfield 5800 or Windows MC to feed VRD. These work fine. However, i recently bought...
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