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    File Size Mode & Open Containing Folder

    Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!!! for implementing these features. They work perfectly. Now I can edit a video file, convert it to email size, open destination folder directly from VRD and send the file from there. Awesome! :)
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    Open Explorer with just created file selected

    VRD has an "Output Processing Complete" dialog. It would be great if you could add a button to that dialog with which you can open an explorer window which has the currently saved file selected. In Windows shell that's an easy task, e. g.: explorer /e, /select, c:\windows\win.ini This opens...
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    Target Size

    It would be super-awesome if you could add an option for "target size" to the "Edit Output Profile" dialog. I'm recording 1080/50p files with my Sony NEX-5N and I need to send them via eMail sometimes. So I need to resize the files. VRD can handle a conversion to 720/25p flawlessly. I may be...
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    audio selection when movie loads

    i have to ask again for this feature: after i load a new movie vrd should detect whether it has multiple audio streams or not, and if it does, i'd like to have a popup in which i can (or am forced to) select the audio stream. i've just loaded a movie and let run qsf over it and after 10 mins of...
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    ac3 music dvd

    i got several music dvds and want to create a dvd with sound only. i thought about demuxing the vobs, put the ac3 into a vob with a dummy video stream, i. e. black frames, and cut it to pieces with vrd afterwards. anyone got a hint for me how i can create such a vob? thanks in advance.
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    Harrys Tools 2.2 for VideoReDo Plus

    Version 2.501: mirror: History ------ Version 2.501: + added function to import EDL files + moved import/export to "Tools" main menu as with the import function it seems more appropriate...
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    VRD Open Source Framework in C#

    I was toying around with Harry's Tools 2 and the new feature to host VideoReDo itself. It turned out that it doesn't work as expected. Well, it does work, but every now and then there's a glitch that i don't think is satisfactory like e. g. the logging window suddenly disappers behind the main...
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    Screenshot Tool

    hi, i needed a screenshot tool at work and my company was too greedy to buy me one. instead they want me to use printscreen + coreldraw. so i took advantage of the experience and libraries i gained when i developed "harry's tools" and made a screenshot tool for myself. i thought i'd share that...
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    COM: GetVideoFileName

    hi guys, i'm in need of a com function that returns the file name of the currently opened video file. reason: i need to work on a temporary instance of vrd so that nothing changes in the main instance. i'm currently doing this by saving the main instance's project to a temp file and opening...
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    VRD's COM Interface & C#

    I was asked how to create and dispose a vrd instance in C#. i thought i'd share that info on the forum, maybe someone else needs it as well. here's how you create and dispose an instance: public class VideoReDo { Type vrdType; object vrdInstance; protected bool isDisposed = false...
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    GUICustomizer 0.01 (alpha)

    this is a general purpose program i've written for educational purposes. i put it in here because i primarily used it with VideoReDo, but you can theoretically use it with any program you like. it's in early alpha stage, however i'd like to hear some opinions whether people have use for such...
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    Scene Change Detection & Auto Split to Clips

    does anyone know a prog which can scan a movie, detect all scene changes and save all scenes to separate clips? thanks in advance
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    TS via COM

    currently the following output types are available via COM according to the help file: 1 = Program Stream 2 = Elementary Streams 3 = VOB (MPEG with blank NAV packets) could this be enhanced to support Transport Streams as well? thanks Harry :)
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    dynamic mouse wheel speed

    i'd like to see dynamic mouse wheel speed: when i scroll fast the navigation is eg move next 5 seconds, medium is move next second, slow is next frame. or at least 2 speeds would be great. would that be possible?
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    here's a new version of spoilermask: (7 kb) and this one is the same as above, but with a semi-transparent editing window: feature: create complex masks for any video...
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    Harry's Tools 2 - early preview

    hi, early preview version of v2, current version 2.09: requirements: .Net 2.0 VideoReDo Plus (currently works in plus only) if you take the time to test, please give feedback, usage is as usual at your own risk :) thanks Harry
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    Navigation Enhancement

    i have absolutely no use for the 3 red and 3 green navigation buttons, as i only navigate with mouse => the slider + thumbnail view. what annoys me very much is that i sometimes need to adjust the cut points and to navigate there could be much easier than with the context menu. so what i miss...
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    Equipment Test DVD

    hi guys, does anyone have a free equipment test dvd? something with images n such. thanks 4 info. Harry
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    concatenation on multiple file drag/drop

    i suggest an enhancement: i have deactivated the automatic concatenation of sequential filenames, however it would be very useful if one can circumvent this by dragging and dropping multiple files from the explorer into vrd. use case: select VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB, VTS_01_3.VOB and...
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    ImgBurn is out

    coming from the creator of dvddecrypter this image burning software got a new release:
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