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    757b - Navigation function Slider is entire messed up now

    757b - Navigation function is entire messed up now In 757 b the Navigation Menue Slider Function is no longer working accurate as before. 1. The "Setup Menu" Box for the Slider Parameters is showing a wrong Area and looks messed up / see screenshot attched 2. the Slider itself once...
  2. S Batch Manager Crashes alltime now

    OS Windows 7 Home Premium 64 BIT 16 GB RAM Once i open the Batch Manager ( DVD Video_TS Creation ) and click on Start so that my added DVDs may be created a POPUP apperas that VideRedo has been crashed. All visable in the LOg is 2015-06-21 11:31:47 Log file cleared, previous file...
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    Batch Manager "Compressed Stream Error"

    I added 4 usual TS Videos to my queue which each should result into a PAL DVD After opening the Batch Manager then and click run all i get is this After i close that Error i get this Success Info ? Then it starts with the next Project resulting into the same error another success...
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    Missing characters in DVD Titling with

    Whenever i am doing a DVD > Create DVD now from MPG2 / TS all i see is this O:\92.000.dvd although the titles are 92.000.Sein gutes Recht In V 4 i always had these Titles set up from scratch into the main Video_TS Folders Box ( auto named ) 92.000.Sein gutes Recht IS this a Setup...
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    BatchManager Extreme time increase with Fast Frame Copy in Beta / MPG2 DVD

    I was wondering what has happened while i was doing my TV Recordings to DVD copies as usual. I was doing 7 TV Movies and overall each of them needed around 1100 to 1200! + Seconds per Movie now with the latest Beta while with Nov 11 2011 the Process is done in not even 7 Minutes...
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    644a - No longer possible to combine TS Files

    Once i try to open a row of TS Files as usual chosing "combine" all i get now is a Error Popup It was working before. And this is with ALL TS Files on any Recording i try to open. I deinstalled, reinstalled the new Beta , switched languages. Same Mess here. Log is empty. Join works but...
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    Beta638f - Mpg2 MKV Output now Crashes VRedo

    I tried Multistream and Non Multistream ( unchecked the Box ). Even doing QSF doesnt works anymore. Also in the Batch Manager. All you get is a Error Message that Vredo doesnt reacts anymore and thenit shuts down. The Log doesnt shows me any Info about the reasons. I go back to the November...
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    637g ( and elder ) several Problems with Creating DVDs from Mpg2 MKV

    Situation as follows 2 Video Files being generated before as MPG2 MKV in VRedo ( Source was usual TS Stream ) and loaded in Vredo to create a DVD Compilation from them. It is 3 Streams in here 2x Mp2 192 Kbits 1x AC3 448 1. I open them 2 Add them to the DVD List 3. Click on Create DVD...
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    Trim no longer works in 629 Beta

    Whatever i do and try using Scene marker or simply add a size will result in only a 0 byte size file. There is no log no anything created. 1. There is no Filetyp Option choosable when saving If i click Start copy it same time shows a popup copy completed This is same if i deactivate...
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    DVD Creation / Batch Manager / If Aspect changes in a TS Stream Full Recode is forced

    DVD Creation / Batch Manager / If Aspect changes a Full Recode is always forced by VReDo. 1. Usual DVBS Stream Mpg2 720x576 I open it and have a 4:3 pre Content ( A Tv Show before the Movie i want ) while the one i want to use for the DVD has 16:9 content. Preview Display is shown in 4:3...
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    MP4 / Changing aspect Ratio using Batch changes Audio/ Videosize

    If i load up 15 bought Mp4 Musicvideos having wrong Aspect Ratio and i switch those to 16:9 in the Settings. After having batch saved those "lossless" without reencoding flags setup anywhere -Audio is different size -Video has different size compared to before. If i use Yamb and MANUALLY...
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    Batch Manager - On time stopped doesnt works anymore afterwards

    V4 Beta Build 629b This has been in the last Beta too. If you have a Batch of lets say 3 DVDs to do and you stop the Output and try to restart the batch after closing Videoredo and restarting it hangs from beginng. It also hangs if you stop the output and try to restart it. I reinstalled...
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    Mpg2-MKV to DVD Output produces invalid IFO Files

    If i load up a Mpg2 MKV with Chapters done in Videoredo and directly output to a DVD using same chapter lenght ( each 10 mins ) something seems to mess up the IFO. I can reproduce this loading up the resulting DVD in Videoredo. Directly get an error " Folder does not contain a valid Ifo File"...
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    Mpg2-MKV & Chapters Output causes artefacts at each Chapter Point in VLC Player

    Dunno whats wrong here but each time you directly save to Mpg2 MKV Including chapters (each10 minutes here ) i have heavy Artefatcs /Pixelations in Playback on the PC using VLC . The Pixelations appear at Minute 10, 20 ,30 , 40 and so on .... They do not appear in MPC Home Cinema Player and...
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    Capture Frame not working?

    If i capture a frame and export to Jpg or BMP all i get is a black box in the latest Beta. Since i never tested this feature i dunno if it behaves same in elder Versions.
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    Multilanguage MKV - Audio Stutters

    Beta Whatever Multilanguage ( Dual ) HD TS i use to export to untouched H264 MKV the resulting MKV Audio Stutters in both Streams for example German and English language. Ill upload samples to the FTP 1. The untouched unstutterly TS Source 2. The Resulting MKV excerpt using...
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    Batch Manager Troubles once Aspect Ratio of a Recording has to be changed ( DVDOutp.)

    Beta 619 If i add a Recording to the batch queue with lets say 1. Movie which has wrong Aspect Info and has to be switched to 4:3 Aspect Ratio to be correct. 2. Another Movie having correct 16:9 Apect ratio output should be DVD or Mpg will always display inside the Batch Manager that the...
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    Unable to open H264 Files

    Beta 619 If i separate a TV Recording TS to H264 and Audio chosing H264 Elementary Profile i cannot open that H264 File anymore in TV Suite. It then displays me a Info that the file is unable to be opened. The h264 without Audio plays fine in VLC and any other Software.
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    Preview Function not working with Mp4 / MKV

    Beta 619 Once i edit and choose the "Switch preview" Button i only get a weird Szene Error Popup showing for example "Scene from 6138773 to 159954463 " This is with all Mp4 all Mkv from any source ( TV / Web ) There is nothing in the Log belonging to this error/popup.
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    MKV / Mpg Layer 1 not supported Info ( While Layer 3 is used )

    Beta 619 I just tried to open a MKV Video / H264 + Mp3 which shows me this error But its Layer 3 inside Mpeg Audio Layer 1 is not supported Format : MPEG Audio File size : 5.00 MiB Duration : 4mn 2s Overall bit...
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