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    2016-02-05 08:45:35 FFmpeg (Error) - releasing zombie picture

    Using and trying to recode AvI video to wtv. It fails leaving a S03E01.wtv.tmp file of 510,720KB TMP file each time. This happens on muptiple files. (where the S03E01 changes to match the episode file name) I did recode the avi files to mp4 ( on another converter) and then VRD had...
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    Question - Affinity for VRD

    Is there any way to permanently set the affinity for Videoredo? I am running windows 7 (64 bit) with a i7-K875 cpu. I know I can set it using task manager on an as used basis but wondered if there was another way. At times on this pc, VRD uses 98% of available cpu availability. Ram (16gb) is...
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    Question on VAP batch processing?

    I know how to batch process files in VRD but wonder if I can get it done faster with VAP? I have a lot of older .wtv files that I am converting to H264.wtv. Is there a way to have VAP queue these up and process them in bulk? Just to be sure - I am doing nothing else to these files -all the...
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    Question on Batch

    Is there a way to turn off the added to batch confirmation ? thanks jon
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    Happy Holidays to all

    Here's wishing everyone a Wonderful Holiday Season and many Happy & Healthy New Year (s). THe crew here is exemplary - it's very nice to see staff and customers interact in such a responsive way. Jon
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    Program Termination

    The Instruction at 0x00000408 referenced memory at 0x00000408. THe memory could not be written. Log attached . This was a batch file running about 7 video's - it crashed during the night. The pc is running fine. jon
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    719 link points to previous version

    The link for 719 points to the previous 718 version
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    Destruct CVideoReDoDlgAutoProxy

    VRD version 711. Batch manager was running when quickstream fix popped up, asked me to fix the file and then closed itself a few minutes later. Eventually VRD crashed. Log attached. I have the original video if needed. jon
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    Default save folder

    Is anyone else having a problem with the default save folder? I find that i constantly have to click on the proper folder as it keeps defaulting to the project folder (from VAP). I also tried inserting the save folder in the profile setting to no avail. I did remove and reinstall but the...
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    Batch Success Failure

    707 Ran a batch of shows that all failed (due to no QS on my old pc) but the completed batch manager shows success and the green checkmark. Seems to me it should show failure. jon
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    Error code vs stall

    Unable to add the current video project to the joiner. It's characteristics to not match existing joiner entries of 720 x 404 / 29.97 fps. --- also 2nd error popup has the above plus Current joiner project uses audio codec AAC and a sample rate 48000, Video being added has an audio codec of...
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    Video playback seems like fast forward

    I recorded the nascar race - it plays back fine in vrd 4 and windows media center but when played n VRD5 it is all fast foward. here is the mediainfo report on the video General Complete name : I:\Recorded TV\NASCAR Racing_ESPN_2014_09_28_13_45_00.wtv Format...
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    One Video shows as QUicksync failure to init

    I have a TV program (Ice Road Truckers) that can be worked on and saved in anyway EXCEPT Quick sync which shows 2014-09-23 11:20:58 IntelVideoEncoder: Unable to initialize encoder:. Quickstream made no difference Log attached here. I have the file if wanted.
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    Batch Manager and Profiles

    705A - Add two jobs to the batch manager queue - then move the 2nd one to the top with the arrows in batch manager. It still starts with the first job that was entered. Also as regards profiles. If you try and alter or save a profile when saving a job it does not save but you can edit, alter...
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    Video Ring Buffer Overflow v 681

    I have been getting Video Ring Buffer Overflow on HD TV shows the last few days - have not had this problem for a long while. H264 options are Video min 1024 - max 3000, audio 2048 - 4000, subtitles 64 - 512. I attached the pertinent log (i hope) .. Any ideas? thanks jon
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    Default H264 preset

    Just a quick note " In Dan R said that the default speed is "fast" yet in my system the defaults are "faster". I reset to default and got the same result. Have a nice day jon
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    Question H264 Match vs no change resolution

    I am recoding all my video's to H264 to shrink file size and allow fast forward in windows media center playback thru my widescreen tv.s (16:9)..About 2/3 of what I record is HD. My present profile is like this H264/AVC, Intelligent recode, Max resolution 1920 x 1080, double pass encode...
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    Batch manager hangs on closing 676

    At times when batch manager is finished - it hangs for 30 seconds to a minute before closing. This only happens after a batch of tv shows or movies has been recoded. This does not happen in earlier versions. I did do a full uninstall, reboot, reinstall but the same concern shows up. PC is...
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    Clean uninstall - install

    I had been having more and more "mpeg stream error: Audio Ring Buffer Overflow" of late. Both VRD and VAP produced the errors. Trying all the settings of increasing the buffer sizes and no multiple audio streams was not working anymore. In desperation I deleted the both VRD and VAP - rebooted...
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    Buffer overflow problems

    I am getting sync problems between audio and video intermittently on windows media center recorded (.wtv) files. There are many (hundreds) entries like this "2013-10-25 08:28:08 Resync removed 33 video frames due to buffer overflow at: 20579.01 (00:38:06.18 )" in the VRD log. I have...
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