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    DRM Options

    I recently bought the Ceton InfiniTV4 and some of my recordings are copy protected, I found this program and I think it is great but I was wondering is there a quick way to set up and option to not cut commercials out of the shows but either make a chapter file or just skip the file all together...
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    Error Box

    I am BAT file to QSF a group of files that are BTV files type .tp. The issue I have is that when it runs into a HD-PVR Recorded file which does not have an MPG file inside of the wrapper then the error box comes up telling me that it does not have an MPG file in it and stops my bat file until I...
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    BTV Metadata Not Saved

    Sometimes when I cut the commercials out of a BTV Hidef show the BTVMetadata gets lost. Here is a log and it shows that it did it in the log but it will not show up in BTV. I will upload a 10MB clip of the end of the show also. The file is in a directory called "DEUCE911" Thanks Mike...
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    QSF Saves BTV MetaData

    Is there a way to save the BTV Metadata after a QSF on either a MPEG or a HiDef TS file? Thanks Mike
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    Seperate Program Settings

    I have VR loaded on my system to two different directories with one for Hidef Streams and one for straight MPEG's. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong but when I change the settings in one directory it affects the other. I would like to setup one for HiDef and one for MPEG without it...
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    BTV Show MetaData

    I have a problem that when I edit out the commercials of a 2 hour BTV HiDef show the BTV ShowData does not transfer to the new file. If I trim off all but 10 mins at the beginning of the file the ShowData is OK. I have listed the log from a file that does not keep the ShowData. Also I have...
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    No PIDS Specified on File

    I have a BeyondTV Transport Stream file that is approx 8Meg and I can open the file by itself OK but when I open the Chapter File it gives me the following error: Unable to open: "FILENAME" No PIDS specified when trying to open a transport stream. It looks like it reads in the Chapter file...
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    Batch Error?

    Ever since ver345 I have gotten strange script errors in the Batch Manager, I get thefollowing error sometimes even before the editing starts. C:\Program Files\VideoReDo-Plus\vp.vbs(13, 1) (null): The server threw an exception. There are times I get this error on all files in the batch, any...
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    Unable to open Log File

    There are times that when I am editing a file I get an error that VR cannot open the log file, I click on OK and everything is fine and it continues on. Also sometimes when the log file error appears I also get a Bad Lock error. I click OK and it continues fine. I am using plus version 346...
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    BeyondTV Show Data Copy

    I just wanted to tell everyone that the feature to copy Show data on Edited files works great. You can even use windows to move the files after to another BTV directory and all the data is still there. This is something I have been waiting for for a while. Thanks Mike
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    Mouse Commands

    When I make cuts I like to just use the mouse, but when I click on a cut I have to use the keyboard (S) to go to the beginning and then again (E) to go to the end of the cut. I am using an Intellimouse and was wondering if there is a way to have the previous button on the mouse to go to the...
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    Griffen Technology PowerMate

    Does anyone here use the Griffen Technology PowerMate? It is a round device that spins that can be used to shuttle the video back and forth. I have it working but when it passes combinations of keys such as shift and right arrow it does not work. What would be nice is if VideoRedo natively...
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    Open Dialog Box

    Is there a way to save the open Dialog Box's Size and Details settings. As long as the program is open the setting come up the same each time you open up a file, but I was wondering if they could be saved to come up that way each time we open the program? Thanks Mike
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    309 Beta Solves Issue

    Dan, I have had the issue with Server 2k3 erroring out on Batch files and the 309 Beta solved my problem. Thanks for the great product. Mike
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    Batch Error

    When I am doing a batch edit I always seem to get this error, it is random but it is very annoying cause it pops up a Windows error and stops the batch queue until you acknowledge it then the batch continues. Here is the error in VRD: C:\Program Files\VideoReDo\vp.vbs(35, 1) Microsoft VBScript...
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    Beyond TV / VideoRedo MetaData File Info Automator

    If you use BeyondTV 3.5 and VideoRedo to Edit your files then this thread is for you. Good Luck Mike
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    Batch Enhancement for BTV Program

    I am working on a program that takes a BTV file and grabs the MetaData Info out and after I Batch edit the commercials out it takes and deletes the old file and renames the edited file to the original file name and re-importes the MetaData. I have also implemented the program to watch the...
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    BeyondTV Video Data Request

    What is the chance of implementing the feature of having the show data from BeyondTV added back into the edited file? They have API code from the SDK with a Tutorial, here is the LINK. Thanks
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