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    Shove me (in the right direction)

    Through hours of sifting through newsgroups I have found that Video Redo Plus seems to be the best option for me. I want to take programs recorded though Media Center, edit them, then burn them. Right now I just burn to dvd through Media Center, but cannot edit. After the long intro... after...
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    Transport Muxer Error, packet data buffer is full on 427

    I have uploaded the .LOG file to rontop in the folder "packet data buffer full". I can save the output to mpeg but not to TS. Thanks, Ron
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    Crop block borders

    I also am looking for something that will crop off the left and right and/or top/bottom black borders of HD MPEG-2 files without completely re-encoding the file.
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    "unable to open...."

    (Sorry, I posted this to the wrong forum before, so I apologise for the duplication) I've been using VideoReDo for several weeks and LOVE it. I export programs from Adobe Premiere into mpgs and then open the mpg to cut it up into different lengths. All working well until I got a new computer...
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    "unable to open..."

    :( I've been using VideoReDo for several weeks and LOVE it. I export programs from Adobe Premiere into mpgs and then open the mpg to cut it up into different lengths. All working well until I got a new computer. The installation of Adobe and VideoReDo are the same (same version) and I'm...
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    Automatic detection and removal of odd distorted frames

    I'd like to have an option in QuickStreamFix for automatically detecting and removing odd distorted frames which are likely to cause problems upon 3rd party MPEG re-encoding. By distorted I mean frames which are visibly garbled and sometimes accompanied by glitches in the audio stream. I've...
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    a little help

    i just figured out this program, and i selected in out points and put them on the cut board. which then compiled them together seamlessly, as advertised. I wanted to save these points as chapters, which i figured i needed the trial key for and so requested it and put it in. yet when i exit and...
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    Upgrade Problems

    Hello: On November 3, 2005, I paid $20 for an upgrade to VideoRedoPlus. Since then, the machine that I used VideoReDoPlus has crashed, and I’m migrating settings to another machine. When I downloaded the current version onto my new machine, I plugged in the activation code that I was sent on...
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    Reproducable crash with 427

    I have uploaded files to directory rontop, but I'm not sure you will need them. I uploaded the registry key in case settings contribute to the problem, and a file that I used to reproduce using the following. Here is how I cause an access violation in VRD every time. 1) Close VRD if it is...
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    New User Question....

    I just purchased and downloaded VideoReDo. I have XPHome. How do I open a DVD from the original DVD and use it in VideoReDo? I have a copy of the DVD and can open each "segment" but the second segment in the copy has a language problem. I'm trying to open the original DVD but haven't had any...
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    MPEG Editing would be nice

    I have been amazed at just how good VRD is at doing what it claims. Excellent stuff. But from this user's perspective, VRD is sadly lacking in a most basic function of an MPEG editor - the ability to edit together multiple mpeg streams on a timeline. Sure, VRD handles VOB's but that's not the...
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    Upgrade problem

    I own a version 1 licence for VideoReDo, and upon trying to upgrade to Plus, I was told to pay $20 to upgrade. So I did, and got an Upgrade Key. When I entered it in via the upgrade wizard, I got a "too many connections, try again later" message or something similar. So I hit Back, then...
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    error message when attempting to save a clip

    we are extracting clips from a movie copied to a hdd from a vhs source. Our test clip did ok. We saved six clips no problem. Clips seven and eight would not save and we got a "sharing violation......" What might cause this
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    Converting .ts file to mpg

    I am trying to convert a 2GB .ts file to mpg and it has been running for about 3 hours, how long does it take to convert? I made a small sample .ts to mpg conversion(about 300MB) and went very fast then burned it to dvd rw with NeroVision worked great. VideoRedo version: registered...
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    mpeg has no file thumbnail in windows explorer

    All the mpegs I have created with VideoReDo does not have a thumbnail when viewed in windows explorer. I have saved these files in the "my video" folder and when browsing this folder in windows explorer with thumbnails selected as the file display there are no thumbnails. Instead windows...
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    Video freezes after edit?

    Hi all, When I edit a video say from 9 hours pack to 7 hours, the new video file fill freeze at 6 hours 36 mins 36 sec. I have tired diferent video files, and also tried vcd and svcd files. Any idea whats going on? Thanks Rowland
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    MPEG1 VCD file editing - output file slightly jerky

    Using VideoRedo v2.1.2.417 trial with trial key, I cut out all 3 adverts in a 43min MPEG1 file, extracted using ISObuster with the "Extract but FILTER M2F2 frames" option. The resulting output file is 99% ok. The only problem I have is that every 2 to 4 seconds the video loses a frame, resulting...
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    Mpeg Encoding

    The mpeg encoding capability is fantastic! Saves lots of messing around with the Goldwave/TMPGEnc or the BeSweet route. Can't wait for the volume control ( and fades, fingers crossed!). Great program.
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    MPEG1 VCD file editing - output file not work

    Hello. I am trying to cut out the adverts in a VCD MPEG1 file. I used ISObuster 1.8 to extract the MPEG1 file from the VCD onto the hard disk. I use the "Extract but FILTER only M2F2 MPEG frames" option. File on the HD plays back fine in PowerDVD v6 and Windows Media Player v10. After using...
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    Help - missing codec?

    i don't know what I've done, I think I might have deleted my mpeg codec or something. DivX player, Real Player and Windows Media Player no longer play Mpeg video files. Windows eventually does, but without sound. If you try to stop it, it just crashes. DivX player just crashes without...
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