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    "MPEG audio Layer 1 is not supported"

    You know, even though I found an annoying workaround for this, I still have to do it all the time and I feel like I shouldn't have to. This is software I *paid* for, and neither of the free software packages I can use, VLC and Handbrake, have ANY problem with the files in question - they open...
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    Scene detection

    Hi. The Ad detection works well for TV shows, but usually I am not working with TV shows. However, many of my files have *scenes* I would like to delete (for example home video with boring stupid scenes or whatever). Yes, I can do it manually but it is seriously tedious especially if there...
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    Convert VOB to MP4?

    Hi - I have several DVDs ripped into VOB files. I don't want VOB files, I want MP4 H.264 files. Can Videoredo do this? If so, how do I do it? Thanks!
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    Mpeg stream error from ffmpeg muxer

    When trying to save (convert) a video from WMV format to MP4 H262, I get the following error: Mpeg stream error: FFmpeg muxer: error moving moov atom to start of file. How can I fix this? it hasn't happened with any other videos from the same source. Thanks.
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    Minor suggestion

    It's fairly trivial, but I would love to see a toggle button on the interface to switch between "Scene mode" and "Cut mode".
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    "MPEG audio Layer 1 is not supported"

    File info before conversion (from VideoRedo): ORIGINAL: File: Name : E:\video\casey-01.mpg Size : 0.007 GB Duration : 00:01:00.02 Mux...
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    "MPEG audio Layer 1 is not supported"

    So I have a bunch of MPG files that I want to join and convert to MP4. Individually, the original files play fine in VideoRedo and VLC, including audio. But once I join them into an MP4 file with VideoRedo, when I try to open the MP4 file for further editing, I get an error saying "MPEG audio...
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    Easier way to use Joiner to concatenate separate files?

    I have a large number of files that I want to join together into larger ones. The Joiner tool works great, but it takes me a very long time to get them all added to the queue. For each video, I have to: 1) Manually open the video 2) Pick "add selection" 3) Save the project 4) "Add current...
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    Add Chapter marks manually?

    Dan, thank you for your swift response. As for metadata editing, I doubt it would be too hard - AFAIK MP4 files use the same metadata format as MP3 files and can be edited with the same software, so there is probably existing OSS software/libraries out there you might be able to use. Regarding...
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    Add Chapter marks manually?

    First, I want to say what a great product VideoRedo is! I have searched for years and found quite a lot of video editing software, but so far none has met my needs 100%. VideoRedo was exactly what I wanted - something powerful, but also easy to do simple things like cut scenes and trim files...
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