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    batch processing, OUTPUT FPS, what does it mean

    question converting some MPG files to MP4 (and other conversions also) I put them into the batch processor it has the parameter, at right side of outputted files, of FPS (frames per second) WHAT does that parameter indicate? my original and output files have 29.97 FPS (right click on file...
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    how to save an MP4 but remove sound?

    have source MP4's, from dashcam want to SAVE edited MP4, but remove the sound (my voice in background) how to edit settings to allow this? thanks
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    ffmpeg muxer error moving moov atom , in BATCH mode

    ERROR - mpeg stream error ffmpeg muxer error moving moov atom to start of file 1. extract MKV file (makeMKV) from a DVD 2. attempt to convert MKV to MP4 WORKING scenario 1. load MKV to videoReDo 2. select full stream 3. SAVE output to my MP4 profile, and ADD to QUEUE 4. do a couple more,then...
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    MKV to MP4, volume is decreasing?

    I am converting MKV files (MakeMKV, extracting DVD's, making MKV file), and then convrting these to MP4 files for space storage. the VIDEO in the conversion is good BUT, when comparing playback, the AUDIO of the MP4 is noticably softer than the original MKV file HOW to keep the audio to remain...
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    video resync frames removed, LOTS??

    captured MP4 file (MovAvi direct screen capture) 60 fps, creates an MP4 captured file from screen, and plays back well I went to TRIM some of the files (saving as MP4's) fast frame save but LOTS of VIDEO and AUDIO re-sync frames removed? this is just for 45-minute MP4 segments !! any help...
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    mp4 trimmed size 5x larger??

    small movie, mp4, 70 minutes, 184 mb. I set it to save 68 minutes, mp4, size same as original; the SAVED version becomes 680 mb???? how to just TRIM an MP4 so no relative file size change? thanks nick
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    VOB to MPG, as BATCH, nothing works, please help

    OK, have DVD. has the VOB files. I want to JOIN, COMBINE, etc, etc, all these, as one MPG I AM ABLE to take EACH VOB, individually, and SAVE AS MPG. I FIRST do a QUICKSTREAM FIX (sometimes some corrections) ONce saved as MPG's, etc, I can COMBINE them BUT, I have tried every permutation of...
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    cannot OPEN or EDIT an MPG on one machine, but can do it on other?

    am converting machines to Windows 10. VideoRedo installed on two machines, for testing. Machine 1, has sound attached, and videoredo is able to open the mpg file. machine 2, does NOT have external speakers, but has onboard sound, but I get error Error opening DirectSound Audio device...
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    Batch processor for QuickStream fix, crashing out

    Batch processor, for quickstreem fix VOB's -> MPEG's I set up streams, add to queue if I run them in bATCH, they crash out but if I just load the vob, and do a QUICKSTREAM fix for te individual file, it works ADDENDUM 06/02/2015 if I set up QUICKSTREAM FIX as a batch task, it crashes. BUT, if...
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    CHAPTERs not showing, want to extract from Video_TS, groups of chapters

    I have DVD's of old TV shows. each has about 15 chapters. I try to open the DVD in VideoReDo, but it does NOT show the chapters I want to create MPG's of Chapter 1 through 5 combined, 6 through 10 combined, etc I tried the OPTIONS section of video ReDoi, Chapters, IMPORT the chapters at file...
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    Suite 4 profiles copy into Suite 5??

    how to copy my output profiles from Suite 4 to suite 5? prior I was told to see users....\documents\VideoReDo, I have backed up my version SUITE 4 profiles, but can't figure out how to put into SUITE 5??? thanks--
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    video-ts.ifo, when all the individual streams come up, any wa to select ALL, for batc

    I am trying to convert DVD to MPEG I open the VIDEO-TS.ifo file. multiple (about 30) streams come up, and I have to select ONE AT A TIME, to convert. any way to select ALL of them, to have them joined, to produce one big mpg? thanks
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    VOB to MPG/MP4, help, I am lost

    have home movies (weddings, etc, that I did), I created the DVD's. I have AUDIO-TS, and VIDEO_TS folders. I want to convert the DVD to MPG's/MP4's (network streming won't play dvd's, but they weill play mpeg's, mp4's I try to drag VIDEO-TS.IFO, into VideoRedo. I get a list ov about 40 titles...
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    where are profiles saved?

    wehre are the profiles for output saved, I want to copy them from my main machine to backup machine, so I have same profiles on both machines thans nick
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    combining streams with different rates but the same rate (29 and 30)

    two mp4 streams, same camera the file, in properties, of the one is 29 fps, the other is 30 fps, (they should be the same, not sure why they came out differently, they were sequential files) any way to COMBINE these files??? videoredo won't let me do it since one is 29, one is 30
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    no sound, latest version, .TS to .MP4?

    tring to convert video camera .TS file to a .MP4 file (smaller size, slower bit rate) have done this before but doing now, load to Viodeo Redo, output to MP4, and NO SOUNd on output?? what am I doing wrong? I will experiment more today, but any feedback appreciated nick
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    AVI to MP4, how to do corectly?

    have some AVI files (screen captures of video, captured with LiteCam HD). I converted to MP4 H.264, with Xmedia REcode. I then tried to edit with VideoReDo. Kept crashing, suggested QuickStream Fix. tried it, but still could not navigate on timeline and crashes out. I then did QuickStream Fix...
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    format in which to save a file, MPEG, H264, mp4, etc?

    to all I've done a TON of video work for home movie preservation (converted 8mm films to digital by shooting it on wall with camcorder, etc) As a result, I have about 100 DVD's of home movies. VideoRedo helped me tremendously in this also. I now have camcorder that records the TS files , and...
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    help needed to understand interlace, mts to dvd, etec

    to all, any help on clarification is needed i am well versed in standard dvd creaton, from prior mpeg's, going to 640 x 480, 720 x 480, etc. but wiht advent of .MTS HD files, MOV files on canon rebels, etc, I am totally confused. I am not sure about for requirements, when making DVD from...
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    mpeg 2 playback with fast forward?

    to all, using hauppauge tv device to capture mpeg2 streams/ using videoredo to trim the mpeg's, still saved as mpeg2's playback quality is ok, BUT i would like a player that allows fast forward/rewind of the mpeg2's. in a DVD, I can do this, helps to bypass commercials Leaving file as MPEG2...
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