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    New beta 757b won't install? help pls!

    During install I get the "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000009a)" msg. I "ok" out of it & set-up install continues but then when I try to run I get "The program can't start because MPEGEncoderDLL.dll is missing" etc. I had no problems before with installation? Can somebody...
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    Can I join interlaced and progressive mpeg2 clips?

    I have a number of clips I want to join. Most are from my DVD recorder (interlaced), but a few are progressive. Can I join them in videoredo? If not, how can I make the progressive clips interlaced? Thanks in advance!
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    Editing vobs while retaining subtitles?

    Is this still not possible? I have a subtitled DVD which I need to cut bits out, but I don't want to lose the sub stream. Is the only way around this to reencode the mpeg2 with embedded subs then edit that?
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    Demuxing to wav crashes Beta 579

    This happened many versions ago and I thought it was fixed, but it's happened again: Load some DVD vobs with ac3 audio and output elementary streams with audio converted to 48kHz wav = crash!
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    Hardcoded subs in output? Possible?

    I would very much like to trim a short segment from a vob file that has selectable subtitle/audio streams, and save that segment with my chosen audio stream and subtitle stream embedded in (non-selectable). I don't think this is possible right now, is it? Will it be you think? If, say, I am...
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    Demuxing crashes 555?!

    Hi, I'm trying to demux a mpg file into elementary streams (converting audio to wav 44.1kHz), and it crashes each time. What I want is a wav file of my DVD, but I can't seem to get there with VRD-TV, hmm... Any suggestions?
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    Photo on website front page?

    The dad & his kid watching a video... Is this one of the developers by any chance, or just a model? I'm also wondering, what percentage of VideoRedo users are parents (dads) who are using this software to cut out "nasty pasty" bits from movies? I would think it is a tiny percentage - while...
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    Save to vob?

    What's happened to "save to vob" file? I usually do this for DVDAuthorGUI. I just noticed .vob file format is no longer an option in either "Save As" or Quickstream Fix? Have I missed something somewhere? :confused:
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    "Sequence end codes"?

    Hi, not sure whether this is a VRD issue or DVDAuthorGUI issue!? I like to use the terrific, simple & free DVDAuthorGUI for my authoring needs, however when I feed it elementary streams from VRD it instructs me to run the ".m2v" stream through Restream to "remove sequence end codes". After...
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    Multitrack audio?

    Hi, I'm a big fan of this software, but just need to ask this. It would be extremely handy for me if there were some multitracking audio feature in VideoRedo. I don't mean additional audio tracks (eg "commentaries", etc). I mean, adding new sounds, FX, narration, music, etc - which can be...
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    Can segments include subs?

    Hi, love the software - it's terrific. At this moment I have ripped a home-made DVD that includes subtitles, it is in a vob folder. What I want to do is cut a bit out with VideoReDo, but keep the subs! Is it possible? Ultimately I'd like to make the subs permanent (ie not "switchable"), just...
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