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    Issue #2: Outputs audio, no video

    Yes, video and audio are visible in the program. 1. Windows 8.1 2. There is no field by that name. When I click on Tools>Show Video Program Info, I get the following: File Name: C:\Users\jimsp_000\Desktop\3 TV News @ 9 Sunday (Recorded Nov 6, 2016, KTVKDT).mpg File...
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    Issue #2: Outputs audio, no video

    I am attempting to save a 5 minute segment from a 1 hour .tivo file. I save it as an MPG. I play it back with Windows Media Player. I get audio, but black screen for video. I'm pretty sure this is not supposed to happen. It must be something I am doing wrong. Any suggestions?
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    Issue #1: Cannot receive a trial key

    Three times now I've requested a Trial Key. I push the button, it asks for my email address, my video source, and where I heard of VideoReDo. I press submit. So far, nothing in my inbox. And I've waited a few hours. And yes I checked my spambucket. What am I doing wrong?
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