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    Error installing v598

    I am getting the following error after installing the latest version 598; Error Cannot find import; DLL may be missing, corrupt or wrong version. File "MPEGEncoder.dll", error 5 The error occurs when the install is complete and VRD opens for the first time. I tried installing in a new folder...
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    packet data buffer is full

    I am getting the following error; Internal processing error: Graph abort at module: Output muxer, error: Muxer error: Transport muxer error, packet data buffer is full. I am running v. Video Details: This is a clip from a BD General ID : 1 Complete name : C:\Users\Don...
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    Audio loss

    Not sure how to explain this but here goes; A few of my HD captures (both OTA and QAM HD) will lose audio for either the last 20% of the file and sometimes for as much as 80% of the file after processing through VRD. QSF does not help. I am using the latest beta 583 but this is also happening...
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    Add QSF to Windows Explorer as a drop down

    My suggestion is to have an option in VRD that when you right click on a video file you can select QSF.
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    Embedding subtitles in mpeg2?

    Has anyone on this site found a way to embed subtitles (.srt/sub/sup files extracted from a DVD title) in an mpeg2 file? I know how to embed them in an avi but I would prefer mpeg2.
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    'cscript' is not recognized....

    I installed 568 and did the suggested patch. All worked as it should until yesterday. Now when I start a batch process I get the following error: 'cscript' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch I installed 567 back over it but that did not help I...
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    Bitstream out error

    Over the last few months I have been getting more frequent Bitstream Out errors. It happens when I am outputing a file from VRD to a designated drive or folder. Any ideas on what may be causing this? Up until a few months ago I had never gotten this error and over last 3+ years of have...
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    Does not always process the selected stream!

    This just started with 556; load ts file, select the video and audio stream I want, make cuts, ctrl p, ctrl b, run batch process. The file that is output is not the stream I chose. This has happened twice now (I have only done two files so far this way with 556). I have done this a 1000 times or...
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    Possible batch processing problem...

    Last night I batch processed (3) OTA ts HD files by opening each video in VRD, choosing the stream and adding to the batch processor to output the stream as a ts file. All went well except that all three VRD created files were mpg. I was using v534 and have not tried any other versions. If...
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    Does not autocombine all vobs

    Recently I have had several commercial DVDs ripped with DVD Fab Decrypter HD that do not display or autocombine in VRD correctly. I have 'Autocombine' sequential file names enabled. When I open the decrypted DVD, which is on HDD, using the first vob, VRD displays just 14secs of the video. If I...
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    Can not open ts files with v523....

    When I try to open my recorded OTA ts files using v523 I get the following error message: Unable to open: path to file No data found for the requested program(s) If I do a QSF on the file first it will do it but error out after a while with the message: Mpeg stream error: No data found for...
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    No link for v523.....

    Where is 523 posted? Your latest link is still for the previous version.
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    Please extend the trial period for v.516

    Given that there seem to be issues with the latest beta release; is there an easy way to extend the trial period for v.516? I would really aprreciate being able to continue using v.516 until the reports on the latest are more promising. Thanks
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    A little anxious....

    Just getting a bit beta 516 runs out in 4 days! If it does run out, how do I keep using it? or can I just install 512 over it?
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    Enough is enough

    Please do something about the porn on this site! I frequent many other forums and this is the only one that has this porn issue.
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    Which video PID is the right one?

    Just started recording OTA HDTV and I was wondering if there is a way to tell by the PID number which video is the main one?
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    What do these VRD scripts do?

    What does vp.vbs and VRDSplit.vbs do? I know what Adscan.vbs does but not these.
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    Networked TV - A nice option It is overpriced at the moment but IMHO 'Networked TVs' will become a popular alternative to HTPC and networked media players.
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    BTV/AdScan Automation Guide

    1. Copy a file called ssppcmd.dll into the following folder: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data (this may be hidden)\Snapstream\Beyond TV. This file is available at :,1 2. Create...
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    'Watch' folder capability?

    I am pretty sure this has been suggested but just in case it has not.... It would be very useful to have the capability to create a 'Watch' folder for VRD operations such as Ad Detective and QSF. When a file is copied into a designated folder VRD would do a designated task on that file and...
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