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    Converted Files Lose Audio -- Fix?

    I captured some Charlie Rose interviews, using Replay Video's Catcher 4. The resulting files are in FLV format. I used both RV's Catcher4 and RV's Converter to convert those file to mpg2, so as to be able to author them to DVDs using VRD597. But when I load those converted mpg files into...
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    Need Advice on Displaing Closed Captions

    I'd appreciate advice about the feasibility of recording and displaying Closed Captions(CC). Using a Hauppauge PVR 150 Card, I record BBC Mysteries from PBS for my wife and a neighbor and edit them with VRD 597-- but as Churchill said, Brits and Americans are divided by a common language. The...
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    Can I blank-out video but retain audio? How?

    I've captured a web-based seminar and converted it to mpg. VRD allows me to edit it. Unfortunately, at one point my screen saver started and I captured a couple of minutes of that instead of the seminar's video. The audio is the seminar's. I would like to blank the video for the 2-minutes...
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    Need Advice to Capture Streaming Video

    I'd appreciate receiving suggestions on how to capture streaming video (primarily archived C-Span and PBS programs), preferably capturing them in MPEG-2 format so that I can use VRD to edit them. I've tried, without success, using WMEncoder and Replay Video Capture. My system is XP SP3...
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    A HowTo Question: Recombine .mpv & .mpa

    How can I recombine .mpv & .mpa files into .mpg? Here's why I ask: I recorded a movie whose audio is much too low. I loaded the VTS-01-n.VOB files into VRD and split them into .mpv and .mpa files. I then used an audio editing program to increase the audio level. Now I need to recombine those...
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    Problem Creating DVD from MPG File

    A puzzling problem. I have a MPG file (a 2 hour program captured from PBS) that VRD-TV just won't correctly create a VIDEO-TS folder from. I have never before encountered this with any other file. The problem is that in the file to be burned to a DVD the first several seconds (I'd estimate...
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    Cut Inaccuracy in 573 and 572

    I have tried repeatedly to cut 12/100th of a second (a fraction of a title) from a captured TV show, without success. I never before tried to make such a small cut. I mark the start and end normally -- it shows up as a cut -- but when I save and then view the saved file, the intended material...
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    Compressed Stream Error: DVD muxer initialization error

    Here is my problem: I'm setting up a new computer and installed VRD569 on it. When I tried to Author a DVD as a test of the new system, using two MPG files I had previously authored successfully on my old system, it would not proceed -- I got the message: "Compressed Stream Error: DVD muxer...
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    Chapter Marks in VRD 565

    I seem to be unable to DELETE chapter marks that I set erroneously in VRD 565. As I recall, in earlier VRD versions ^A toggled (i.e., both SET and DELETED) Chapter marks, but in VRD565 ^A does not seem to delete them. What am I doing wrong? Eric
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    Possible Joiner Problem with 558

    Today I tried to join a couple of MPG captures. When I went to use "EDIT JOINED FILES" I could see only the first one; when I tried adding the 2nd one again, it seemed to add again on the "ADD" screen but did not show up under EDIT screen. I closed VRD558, reopened it, and tried again. This...
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    Multiple DVD Drives-v549 Doesn't Select

    I'm currently using v.549 of the TVSuite. I have two SONY DVD Drives {L: & M:} installed in my system. An earlier version of the TVSuite automatically selected for burning the drive with a DVD in it; v.549 stops and waits for operator action if its target drive is empty even if the other...
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    Suggested Improvement for DVD Menu

    It is sometimes undesirable to have every item in the menu preceded by a numeral. To Illustrate: 1. The War -- Part 5 2. The War -- Part 6 However, it is not currently possible to put a line on the menu (in VRD535 and previous versions) without a preceding numeral. Recommendation for a...
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    Question about DVD OUTPUT SIZE Box

    I am trying to understand what VRD does when -- in Creating a DVD -- one selects the 4.7 gig option in the DVD OUTPUT SIZE box. Specifically, if one wants to create a Single DVD from one or more MPG files that aggregate to 5 or 6 gig, VRD can create a VIDEO_TS folder that is small enough to...
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    VRD-533 Authoring Problem With Large Files

    There appears to be a serious problem with VRD-533 when authoring files larger than will fit on a standard DVD. I tried this TWICE today -- same results -- each time VRD-533 got into some sort of endless loop from which only CtrlAltDel would exit. I then tried to author the same files using...
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    Define the DVD Drive to Use for Recording

    It would be useful, in a future version, to add under the "Create DVD" function a box that will let a user who installs multiple DVD R/W Drives define which Drive to use. I added another DVD Drive as M: ( the older one is L: ) but VRD will use only L: to write DVDs. Eric
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    BETA 479 Locks Up my System

    A problem with VRD BETA 479 that has never occurred to me before with previous versions of VRD: When I try to invoke it, either by clicking on its shortcut or by clicking on a MPG file, my system locks up and has to be rebooted. I tried it several times -- happens every time. My system...
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    NERO vs. ROXIO -- Which is Better?

    My NERO often takes 8-10 times as long to recode seemingly-identical output from VideoReDo. Question: How does Roxio's Easy Media Creator v.8 perform on recoding? Does it have the same problem? I'd much appreciate seeing reports from ROXIO users. Eric
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    What controls/affects coding time?

    I'm really puzzled by the fact that very similar capture files can take very different time to code in NERO 6.6. Two 90 minute captures of the same program take, in one case, about 12 minutes to code and in the other case about 10 times as long, i.e., a little over 2 hours. In both cases, I...
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