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    Videoredo is reporting output video size after editing is wrong

    Hi today I was editing a video using latest beta 766a and I noticed something weird. Halfway through through my cuts the output size goes like from 12gbs to like 120mbs or 700mbs. Not sure how to explain it but saving the video after editing it saves correctly. I even saved my project file just...
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    link for latest verison still saids wrong version

    Danr I'm not sure if you know this the link you posted still saids Version: on your link going to the homepage. I'm not sure if your aware of that.
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    Using batch with ad scan

    Hi i was wondering if its possible to batch some high def videos to scan for commercials? I want to be able to use batch to scan my hd videos for commercials and have it auto save as project files. So when i wake up I can go through each video to check the cuts before saving. I been doing one...
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    verison 739h batch crashes on any video I use.

    Hi i updated my videoredo to 739h from 738 and any video I go to run through quickfix using batch. The video file goes to start then videoredo box comes up saying videoredo batch has stopped working. The videos opening just fine in videoredo. I never had a issue with batch until now. Is there a...
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    Videoredo v5 doesn't resync audio when I need it to

    Hi some of my high def captures I'm editing are out of sync not sure how far off the audio is from the video. When I save my final video. It fixes the video frame sync issue but never the audio. It happens on v4 and v5. I tested. Is there anyway I can force v5 to fix the audio even its not...
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    Cannot edit profile or create a new one with videoredo 5

    Hi i am having issues saving any changes or creating a new profile within videoredo 5. Whenever I try to edit the profiles or create a new one. Nothing happens. I cannot click ok at all to save my changes. I can do it in videoredo4 not but 5. Is there something stopping me from editing or...
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    Largebuffermalloc: no more memory box during batch

    Hi last night I sent up videoredo 5 to run batch of some high def files of mine and It will start running some and then come up a box saying Largebuffermalloc: no more memory and It has a click ok on it but nothing happens and It wont let me exit videoredo after clicking ok. But nothing happens...
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    Changing video ts location on tvsuite

    I would like to know how i can change the location for video ts folder. I can change each time i burn but i don't want to do that. Is there a way i can do it so it stays to a certain hard drive? I wanna use my other hard drive not c drive. I looked in the options and no luck.
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    Resizing my tivo videos

    Hi i would like to resize my videos from tivo. There 544x480. I know that i will loose quality i think when resizing them to proper dvd to like just to watch on my pc. I know how to convert with tv suite. I'm wondering will i loose alot of quality reconverting them to a different video size?
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    Problems opening tivo files with videoredo tvsuite

    I just started having a problem opening my tivo files with the tv suite. When i try to open them i keep getting error opening file please check media key. I havent changed nothing. Any clue what i can do? This happens only on my desktop it has windows vista. Tiivo files open fine on my laptop...
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    Question about bittrate and screen size using tvsuite

    Hi i have tivo. I been using tvsuite to edit my files. I know it don't reconvert my files from tivo. But is there a setting i can use to change the quality to something different. Because when i load my files in from tivo there 544x480. I want to know if i can resize them before saving to proper...
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