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    Update frequency option missing from install wizard

    Just a small thing... "Disable" is missing for the update frequency in the install wizard. If you run through the wizard and don't select another option it causes the setting to be blank so you have to open up settings and reselect it after running the wizard.
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    764 - Green frames in HB output

    Hi, With a H.264 source I'm doing some cuts and encoding the output with handbrake, Problem is the handbrake output has a few green frames at the start. If I move the cut point back one frame there are then no green frames in the handbrake output. To reproduce here's a sample: source.rar Open...
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    745 - Audio sync issues

    First issue has been present for a while, not sure what version it started in. Audio sync is off for the first few seconds and the video plays in sort of slow mo untill the sound catches up, even then the sync isn't perfect, not bad but could be better. Second issue started in 745, some output...
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    MPEG2 low quality cut points

    Hi, just seen there has been a new stable release lol "[Fix] MPEG2: Cuts in very low bit rate files could create macroblocked images. Minimum encoding bit rate not being honored." It seems that fix is not actually in the release like it was in the beta. Setting minimum mpeg-2 smart recoding...
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    APPCRASH on smart edit

    I've got several files that cause H264SmartEditModule.dll to crash. Running them through QSF doesn't help but if I move the cut point slightly to the next i-frame they will save. It first happened in May and I've been meaning to report it. Have samples ready if needed. I'm using 734. Also...
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    MPEG2 - Removed frame in output

    There's a extra frame in the output at the end of the file when the source file is an MPEG2. Happens with all output profiles I tried, even on a recode.
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    Feature Request

    Disable update checking. Currently all you can do is set it to the maximum interval of 30 days. I'm subscribed to the release threads so don't need VRD to check at all.
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    706 fixed the pixelation for the latest file I reported but I'm getting it with a few more sources. Would you like a sample, you usually do but the upload instructions say not to unless asked. Their waiting anyway if required.
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    x264 Presets

    I don't use VRD to recode files but.. Why artificially map the presets to just 3? Each preset has a noticable difference in speed so I can't understand why you'd map the options to just 3. Especially without a note in the GUI. I can imagine people wasting a lot of time testing those 9 presets...
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    [676c] Picture breakup

    On some sources with 676c I'm getting picture breakup at the start of the file when cutting on a none IDR i-frame, it doesn't happen on subsequent cuts in the same file. 672b is able to cut in the same place without any picture breakup. I can provide a small sample if needed.
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    674a picture breakup and PTS Underflow

    Hi, a few observations with 674a. 1. On some files there is picture breakup at the start, here are the first 27 frames using 672b and 674a with the same source, cut points and settings: 672b.jpg 674a.jpg Moving the cut point a notch results in no picture breakup. 2. On some files I get a PTS...
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    Frame accurate h264 editing

    I recall this being in the pipeline am I mistaken or is it about to surface? It's getting very frustrating changeing between frame accurate and gop accurate when using either sd or hdtv sources. If not, a quick way to switch between those options or even VRD changing the option based on the...
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    How to set open dialog to all files?

    The open dialog no longer shows all files by default, there is a drop down to change to all files but it won't stick, next time I open the open dialog I need to select all files from the drop down. Was this changed in the recent beta? I can't see a configurable option in the settings or hidden...
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    Can't open recording containing data service

    On channels that don't broadcast 24/7 and switch to a screensaver style data service at the end of the day, VRD can't open these files if they have said data service at the end, you get a no data found message.. 2013-04-30 06:54:22 Decoder support lib: 7.0 build 205.58, ippvcw7_l.lib 2013-04-30...
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    Joiner hangs and yellow exclamation mark

    Attempting some joins, VRD hangs just before the first join with a yellow exclamation mark and the completion time increases. I clicked abort and here is the log. 2013-04-28 16:28:17 Decoder support lib: 7.0 build 205.58, ippvcw7_l.lib 2013-04-28 16:28:17 Image support lib: 7.0 build 205.58...
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    Audio glitch after cut

    When cutting video on an I-Frames VRD is adding audio resync frames and causing a glitch in the audio, here's an example: 2013-04-28 16:18:05 Decoder support lib: 7.0 build 205.58, ippvcw7_l.lib 2013-04-28 16:18:05 Image support...
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    VRD closes while saving edited h264 MP4

    Hi, I'm attempting to remove the first 4 seconds from a h264 mp4, when saving to mp4 the temp file is created in the destination folder and then VRD closes. There's no completed or error message. VideoReDo.7z Cheers
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    Crashing on large h264 .ts file

    Hi, First can I just take this opportunity to thank you for this software, I really couldn't do without it and will be purchasing it at the end of the week. It's well worth the money, Thank You :) Onto my problem, using TVSuite V4 with a 3GB h264 .ts file, when I try to save the...
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