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    Lots of sync adjustments and yellow triangle, variable frame rate?

    Using VRD TVSuite v5.4.84.771 Getting a lot of sync adjustments for this video when trying to cut portions and save as H.264 TS which results in a yellow triangle. Trying a QSF results in Video resync frames removed: 9634, Audio resync frames removed: 8 Original is an H.264 TS captured using...
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    Insert silent audio (AC-3) to fix audio dropouts so VRD doesn't remove good video?

    Using latest beta TVSuite V5 - Occasionally will get some H.264 ts recordings from digital cable that have a few seconds of no audio (according to VRD thumbnail display and logs). Audio is AC-3 5.1 and/or AC-3 Stereo. VRD drops the good video frames to resync. Is it possible to...
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    Import or open an edl file

    I know VRD can run ad detect and open it's own project files, but is there any way to open an existing edl file along with the video file? Already have DVR software (Channels DVR) that generates an edl file when it records and I would like to use that edl file as a starting point to see how...
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    746f - H.264/AC3 TiVo recordings QSF using default H.264 ts profile - Percolate error

    QSF an H.264/AC3 TiVo to an H.264/AC3 ts using the deafult output profile results in this error with many recordings. Copying and editing the default output profile to change to a manual ts mux rate of 25MB or 50MB eliminates the problem. 2016-11-09 21:38:29 <><><> TS Mux Error: BufferOverflow...
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    746f excessive audio resync frames removed?

    Running latest beta I've got a 59 minute TiVo H.264 recording from cable that's getting 698 Audio resync frames removed when I QSF it. Happen to have the same exact program recorded on 2 different TiVo's and getting the same results from either TiVo's recording. After QSF the...
  6. F QSF H.264 TS logs 42 frames removed, output is 4,381 frames, 2:26 shorter

    What am I doing wrong? Is there some setting I need to change? MediaInfo of input to and output from qsf; Input file General ID : 1 (0x1) Complete name : T:\testtl.ts Format : MPEG-TS File size...
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    Three issues with TVSuite v5.1.2.740c

    I'm still experiencing three issues with TVSuite v5 (have been for quite sometime) and not sure which version it started at. I'm currently using v5.1.2.740c. First issue is that when using either the GUI (just noticed GUI now shows errors, must have been recent change) or via COM interface to...
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    Video resync frames removed

    Question about this. How can I determine which video frames were removed from the source video? This happens on an open/save as and also a QSF, both saving to the same format as the original source. When I look in the log file, here's an example of what I see.2015-02-17 21:41:28 Resync: Audio...
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    Beta So far, so good!

    Just wanted to say that the latest beta is working for me on MPEG2 PS/TS, MP4(H.264) PS/TS and QSF on all. Waiting on HELP to be finished, that's my only complaint!
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    Beta working great

    Just wanted to say I've been running the latest beta v5.1.1.720b since release and it's working great, no problems. Help is on the way I hope. With an updated integrated help, I would highly recommend this app. Support is great and timely. The Dev's deserve an applaud!
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    Testing Beta versions, help needed maintaining separate versions

    Hope I'm not alone. I would like to test the beta versions, but am put off by the frustration of them always overwriting my working released version and after uninstalling the beta I'm left with starting over from scratch. 1) How do I install a beta version alongside my working released...
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    REQUEST: Cut a New Release and get on with it

    You could be in Beta for Years. Cut a New Release. My request (and I think this will help sales) is to draw a line in the sand, cut a new release and MOST IMPORTANTLY update the HELP else you'll be flooded with questions. Just my 2 cents ;-) Not complaining and love this software which I've...
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    FIXED: mp4 cut not on IDR frame crashes WMP12

    UPDATE: Problem Fixed in release version v5.1.0.715 Just installed VRD TVS v5 and having processed .mp4 files (making a single cut near the middle, not ending with an IDR frame as the next un-cut frame) crash WMP12 when played. Input is .mp4 General Format ...
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    Some TS .TiVo files won't open with VRD v4.21.6.674

    I download in Transport Stream format to maintain Closed Captions, make the files easier to edit and for easier streaming/Pulls w/pyTivo. After download I run qsfix and when that started failing on some of my downloads recorded on my Roamio I investigated further. They play with no problem on...
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    v4.21.3.667 fresh reinstall-Audio Ring Buffer Overflow on qsf/save of TS Tivo as .ts

    Happens on about 10% of my .TiVo files (all my .TiVo are mpeg2 transport stream format). If I open the .TiVo file in VRD, save-as an mpeg2 .ts file, open the .ts file in VRD and do a qsf it works w/o error. Thought you might be able to figure out what's wrong based on doesn't/does work log...
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    VRD v4.21.2.662a: H264 stream, missing info in the sequence parameter set

    Getting this error trying to open an H264 transport stream. File is a transport stream .TiVo and came from a Premiere running v20.2.2.1. Hex dump verifies it's a TiVo TS file (bit 5 of byte 7 = 1) If I download it from the TiVo as a TS, it contains both video and audio and plays fine in WMP...
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    650J TiVo file SaveAs question

    New install of beta 650J. No other instances of VRD installed. Open a .TiVo file (PS or TS, doesn't matter) and select to save as same format. Simple question: Does this do a QSF, the same as selecting to QSF the file?
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