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    Issues with Ad-Detective

    Can I ask what changed with ad detective between v5 and v6, because I'm having some issues. When I run batch manager and click to add files to batch queue, I have it set as: Output File - D:\Output Ad-Detective Scan = circle filled in File Name Modifier = blank Profile = blank When I run the...
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    VRD 6 closing randomly

    Sorry for the delay 1) It only happens after editing multiple files. If I was to reopen the same file, then it works. I wasn't at the point that I was ready to save, as I was still scrolling across the timeline, and then it would randomly shut down. However a few days ago, the only time it...
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    VRD 6 closing randomly

    With the VRD 6 beta, I've been having noticing the application closing by itself at random times. This includes the 792 beta. I'll drag and drop in a Vprj from an earlier version of VRD. Make some tweaks to the commericals that was tagged, and when I get almost to the end of the time line...
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    Ad Detective

    Looks like Ad Detective isn't scanning the whole file. It appears to only be scanning only half (last half doesn't show any ad's marked. I compared the parameters to the pro version (numbers) and those are the same. When I also tried using "Train Using Current Selection", it doesn't appear to...
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    Difference between V6 and Pro

    Just curious on what the differences are between Version 6 and VRD Pro?
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    Slower Encode of Mpeg2 Files.

    Can anybody tell me if this sounds about right. 15 minutes to transcode a 25 min file and roughly 30 minutes to transcode a 50 minute file (to H.264 MP4). This is using the default options. Are there some other options that might help to speed up the process ?
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    Updated Beta

    Just curious if there's an updated beta or when one should be expected
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    Delay using VRD Pro with W10 Fall Creators Update

    I decided to pull the trigger & do a clean install of W10 Fall Creators Update. After installing VRD Pro, I've been noticing a difference after updating to the Fall Creators Update. Usually my routine is as follows: 1) Edit out Commercials & save file as same format as original 2) Use batch...
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    Purchased Install key not working on latest beta

    Did a reinstall of W10 & saw there was a new beta out for V5 TV Suite. Installed & tried entering in my Key & said there was a problem & to contact support. Anybody else having this issue? Thanks ** Edit ** Uninstalled latest beta & installed previous beta. Key worked with no issues. Did...
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    Difference Between Pro & Non-Pro version

    What are the differences between the Non-Pro & Pro version of VRD ? I see some of the advantages here: I read in another thread on how the Pro version takes advantage of more cores compared to the non-pro, which I didn't see in the comparison...
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    AMD Ryzen

    With AMD Ryzen now released & people mentioning that the extra cores would help with editing, I was wonder if VRD would take advantage of the extra cores Ryzen brings or not ?
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    MS Visual C ++ - Abnormal Program Termination

    When trying to render multiple video files together into "DVD Files" format, I get the following error Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Program C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoReDoTvSuite5\VideReDo5.exe Abnormal Program Termination. It appears to get about 90-95% of the process & then it...
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    H264 - VideoRedo Has Stopped Working

    Hello, I was trying to edit a video a video from my car dash cam. While I was easily able to view & edit the video, when it got to about 98% on the save, I received the "VideoRedo has stopped working" error. Below is from the log file. There was no sound recorded (Mic was muted. Based on...
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    Longer to convert .WMV files in V5 compared to V4

    Hi Everyone, I've noticed that it seems to take converting a .WMV file (using the H.264 .WTV output profile) from 10 minutes (in V4) to around 20 Min (in V5). Did anything change that would cause the increase in time, when using the same edited output profile created in V4, or is there...
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