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    Joiner bug - 766a

    Win7 - x64 While working with a joiner project under XP-32, VRD v758b gave an error near the end of the 2nd piece. The log entry didn't make any sense. In any event, I copied all of the file to the Win7 box. Of course the joiner had no idea where the files were, so I did an joiner edit whereby...
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    Audio Stream detection setting

    I've been working on projects where I have both DTS and AC3 audio streams. In the file, the DTS stream is first. I want to keep it that way, but when the file is loaded into VRD, the AC3 stream is selected as the primary, resulting in the audio streams being switched when the file is output. I...
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    VRD V6 and DTS/AAC

    Will the new version of VRD have better support for DTS and AAC audio? Specifically the ability to mux video ES streams with DTS streams, or AAC streams/.
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    New Beta filename error

    Wow, the new beta announcement is all screwed up. All kinds of typos. The link is bad. The filename to download should end in ...758b.exe Once you manually change it, the file will download.
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    757d Audio Ring Buffer Overflows

    For some strange reason I have been getting audio ring buffer overflows when muxing a MPEG-2 stream with an AC3 stream. The error pops up at the end. There appears to be nothing actually wrong. (XP)
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    VRD cannot deal with 23.976 time correctly

    Bring up any 23.976 video file and enter time codes to jump to. You will not go where you wanted. Go out to 42 min and you jump to 42:02.15. This problem has been going on for ages. It becomes an issue when trying to set chapter marks to I/IDR frames. Somewhere past the 7 min mark, the markers...
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    757d hates 23.976 MKV w/ DTS

    I'm trying to set chapter marks within th file by scanning thru the video. I then try to go to the various marks and resetting them to the nearest I/IDR frame. But VRD likes to constantly crash, even at startup. Every time it crashes it is within the supportfib.dll library. There is no pattern...
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    757b - minor bug

    Delete, or move, the VRD log file. Start VRD. Go to Help and display the log file folder. VRD complains about the log file. Even though the log file is no longer there, The help function is to display to contents of the log file folder. It should not care that the log file is gone.
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    757b PTS Underflows

    No issue with 731a and 743e. 746f and 757b both have the problem (XP, don't know about Win7). The source is a 1080p23.976 H.264 video. That video was a mux of an H.264 and AC3 stream. There were no PTS underflows muxing the file. I can upload the log, a trimmed video file and the project file.
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    757b & H.264 do not get along - tons of PTS underflow errors

    757b does not like PBS Network sat feeds, which are H.264. This issue goes back several versions. 731a has no such issue. Makes no difference if it is XP or Win7. Log files are attached. All of the files are available for uploading.
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    731a crashes under Win7 - doesn't under XP

    I tried it twice in a row, but 731a under Win7 crashes rendering a BBC TS capture file. Win7 reports that it was within the StreamProcessingGraphs.dll. Version 748a did not crash. I thought 748a was having other issues because it complained about video and audio resync frames being removed...
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    748a restore settings issue - Win7-x64

    Believe it or not, I now have a Win7-x64 box up and running. Not part of the subject of this post, but I noticed that VRD5 isn't x64. OK, here is the issue... The software installed just fine and licensed just fine. I then did a restore of my latest configuration. No complaints about the...
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    VRD wants to major recode - don't want it to

    For some reason VRD wants to do a major recode of two MKV wrapped files that are both H.264, 1916x1076, AC3 5.1. I can't see any reason why VRD wants to recode.
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    743e - Doesn't like 3 decimal place timecodes

    I have a program that will extract timecodes from Blu-rays. But, when I read in the M2TS file, the timecodes are off. For example, what was input, in the file, as, went to 4:39:xx. If I use ^T and paste the value, the third digit is rounded. VRD needs to be able to...
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    743e ffmpeg crashing error

    This is a brand new crash that I've never seen before. While working with the 22 file of the series, it crashed. VRD didn't crash, but the ffmpeg program did. Sequence of events was to take a 720p H,264 MKV file and edit it in order to get chapters @IDR locations in a new MKV file. All was...
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    743e - First two MPEG-2 4:2:2 frames being dropped

    I have some old MPEG-2 4:2:2 video files that I'm now getting to (a long drawn out project). The files were downloaded from pathfire feeds. So, the show was fed is segment sections. While working with the files I was bitching at the company for screwing up the beginning of each segment. But...
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    743e H.264 garbage at edit location

    I've seen this in the past and thought it was an error in the original TS file. I took a look today and discovered that it was a result of VRD recoding the edit point. Here are the frame grabs: Before edit After edit I have a short 1 min trim of the location in the file that I can upload. It...
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    743e - Magical vanishing cursor

    I saw something yesterday I thought was strange but today it is even stranger. 1) Start a job run. 2) Start solitaire, or already have it running (makes no difference) 3) Change focus to the VRD dialog box. 4) Move the cursor over to Solitaire. It vanishes. But, it you move it so that you can...
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    743e and configuration wizard

    I finally got a chance to install 743e. But, there is an issue with the config wizard. If you tell it no, it will not let VRD start. It just quits. Normally I tell it no so that I can then restore a config file. But, that isn't the end of it. Even if I go thru the config and then restore a...
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    Old H.264 MKV files won't open

    I have 10 old H.264 MKV file that were created about 4-5 years ago. They will open, but if I try to output as TS files, VRD will either crash or create a file that is glitched, after over 300 video and audio resync frames were dropped (42 min video). I can trim a 100MB file for you guys to...
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