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    Video Saved has glitchy playback in MPC-HC

    Hi, An old issue I hoped would be fixed from V5 is still an issue in V6-91-6-798a. I've trimmed a 100 MB clip here: When you save it as an MKV keeping only the English audio stream the resulting video has glitchy...
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    Thousands of Frames Removed & Video Plays at Double Speed

    Video is 16 GB. Had to upload the whole thing so you can see the problem. Mega was the only place I could find to upload it.!9o1SDKAS!XMsN9zS2Npy_m_sP9X78gzxsBId8JI1xE8cEmO6CreM Please play the video. It plays back fine but when I save the video with/without making any cuts in...
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    How to get Ad Detective to find black frames?

    Hi, I'm using VideoRedo V5 and V6 Pro and I don't use Ad Detective to cut commercials as I find it to be inaccurate. However it IS useful for finding black frames for when there's a glitch in a show due to a broadcasting glitch. There's several completely black sections in my video that I found...
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    Is HEVC supported as output profile VideoRedo V5 Pro?

    I would like to edit a HEVC video and save it without re-encoding. Can VideoRedo V5 Pro do this yet? If not, any idea when the feature will be added?
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    How do I Keep Subtitles when saving a video?

    I have some standard definition MKVs demuxed from commercial DVDs. They have multiple audio streams and 2 subtitle files. I open the video in V5 Pro, choose the english audio stream and save the video. The resulting video doesn't have subtitles. How do I keep the subtitles?
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    Can't save 8bit 4:2:2 Video

    I have V5 Pro. I've uploaded a short clip HERE. How do I save that without the resulting video becoming green and having lots of breakup?
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    Can't Open Videos "Unable to initialize the video display"

    Over the past couple of days I've got a problem in the current version of V5 Pro as well as V4 where I try to open a video such as an MPEG2 or a 1080i TS HDTV file and VideoRedo shows this error: Unable to initialize the video display. Please check VideoRedo.log. This is the log: *****...
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    Option to NOT save 2nd audio stream is ignored

    I have Pro. This is very weird. In the secret menu options under number 7 you can set the Default AC3 Output Stream: to 1 so that videos with AC3 and MP2 audio - the video saves WITHOUT the MP2 audio. I've been doing that fine for months. Today I restored a nice clean backup image...
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    Can I save to .VOB?

    I've just realized that demuxing DVDs into MPEG2 isn't a good idea as subtitles aren't retained since MPEG2 can't really contain subtitles. I was told if I save to VOB then I CAN have subtitles. How do I do this?
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    Is there any way to slow down the fastforwarding speed?

    In VideoRedo options I set the side arrow keys to move 5 seconds when a key is pressed. So I press the right arrow key until I see commercials then I cut them out. However on an SSD drive fast forwarding that way is so fast that you can miss short commercials breaks of 10 seconds or so. I tried...
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    576i MKV with Wav gives thousands of removed frames when saved in VideoRedo

    In the latest beta, in an MKV 576i with 2 channel Wav 48.0Khz, if I save the file to MKV without re-encoding anything then I get a message saying "28798 audio resync frames removed". Doens't matter if I edit parts out or not. Even if you select to re-encode the WAV to WAV you still get the...
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    Settings Restore messes up saving videos

    I loaded the settings file from the previous V5 Pro beta into the current Beta and all my settings were restored however it doesn't restore secret menu settings to I entered them manually. Also when I saved a video without re-encoding, it saved it with both 5.1 AC3 and 2 channel MP2. To fix this...
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    Can't Save Video as lots of dropped frames

    This was discussed before: Video is on your FTP. The name is: ufc334 UFC Fight Night 75 Prelims. It's the full video as I can't even use the Trim option as the trimmed...
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    AVI Support

    I can't edit AVI files in V5 PRo. Are AVI files not supported?
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    What Bluray Video and Audio Codecs does V5 Pro support?

    As the title. I noticed I can open a Bluray and edit it but it has DTS HD audio and I can't hear the audio. However the saved video plays back fine. Isn't there any way you could have it play as Wav on the fly so I can hear audio when editing?
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    Please increase Audio Sync option to +2 secs

    I capture TV from a Scart to S-Video converter since the Elgato Game Capture HD only accepts S-Video. Most of the time the captures are in sync but sometimes at random the audio will be out of sync by +1.5 seconds. VideoRedo only supports adjusting the sync by a maximum of +1 second. So at the...
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    Options are kept after uninstalling and re-installing

    You told me before that when you uninstall V5 Pro and re-install a new version that my options will be reset back to defaults. That doesn't seem to be the case. Are the settings stored somewhere else?
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    Can't open h254 with Wav transport streams

    I have some 576i h264 with Wav 48Khz videos in MKV format. They open in VideoRedo fine. However if I have them in TS or M2TS then I get this message "No PIDS specified when trying to open a transport stream" when trying to open the video.
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    LOTS of dropped frames when re-saving with Wav / Also can't join files

    I have a 1080i h264 AAC 2 hour source video (DTM 2015 Round 08 Nurburgring) from a sat feed. I saved it to Wav with V5 Pro latest version. No problems. However when I then open the resulting video and try to save a portion of the video it will save it but it has this message: Audio resync frames...
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    V5 Beta Latest Update questions

    [Fix] GUI: Windows 10, controls overlapping on Tools>Options>Navigation page. What does overlapping mean?
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