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    mpeg to MP4 picture but no sound

    I am trying to join 3 small mpeg files that were edited in VDR many years ago in mp4. The video is there but not the sound. Any solutions for this?
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    MP3 for saving audio only

    Sometimes I like to save audio from movies to listen to in the car. Generally I use the audio only and then use another program to create a mp3 audio. It sure would be great if VideoReDo could offer that option on the audio only window. Thanks!
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    Can't Open Videoredo - Keeps asking for registration number

    I just upgraded to V5. When I try to open Videoredo it asks me for the registration key. When I supply it I am told it's already registered on the system. Then I'm told to reopen the program to start the activation wizard. I'm in a Catch-22. I uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. Anyone...
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