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    What are the best settings for speed vs quality in HEVC?

    I had my combo very dialed in but my buddy just built me a new box with a Ryzen 1900x and I added another 16 gig of DDR4 3200 memory so it has 32 gig right now. It also has a old 1070 gtx and a decent 1 tb M2 SSD boot drive. My encode times are all over the place and generally are around 300 fps...
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    AC4 support for new ATSC3.0 video

    OK, I got one of the 4k silicon Dust ATSC 3.0 quad tuners recently and I decided to see if my HD HomeRun app would record the video it gets from the antenna with the new AC4 audio codec. It records it in MPG format but VideoRedo can't do anything with the video or audio it has recorded probably...
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    Testing 801

    Well it seems to work, still has the issue in batch ad detective scans where it creates a 0 size file rather then the VPRJ file, set it to interactive and it works properly. My HEVC recodes are doing around 760fps but are a bit bigger then my previous versions though that may be a new or changed...
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    Well, everything seems to work now

    Just fired up the 800b beta and my usual settings all work now so far rather then one or the other causing it to crash or do weird things in 10 using MKV and the NVenc encoder. Ad detective is working and saving profiles and so is the recoding stuff so maybe you guys have it just about dialed...
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    799 still crashing when trying to save video using hardware encoder.

    Well just tried it and it still immediately crashes using the NVIDIA hardware encoder but is encoding using the software. Running 10 pro and version 1809 64. I THINK the ad detective is working now but will have to try it again in a bit here.
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    798 Crashes when saving videos, ad detective issues

    OK, latest update was having issues properly saving ad detective scans to proper folder and format selected. It kept making empty MPG videos and not saving the VRJ files in the selected folder. I think I got that sorted somehow but now when I set the encoder to software and it tries to save it...
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    Ad Detetcive problems again

    Well trying to get it working and depending on the settings it either immediately crashes or picks so many breaks on the video that I might as well do the commercials manually myself. If I set it to just go it crashes immediately, if I set it to interactive mode it does the dozens of scene marks...
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    Ad detective slow

    Well I noticed the latest 794a Ad Detective is real slow and it appears that enable fast search was moved to a different spot. Is this normal or just part of the development process getting everything sorted out. I'm probably going to have to let it train itself again as shows with lots of dark...
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    Crashing when trying to save in almost any format other then what the original file is

    Like tile says just downloaded it today and in almost any format other then the original to the file it crashes right after I hit save with a error box saying VideoRedo has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program. I'm trying to edit and...
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    Giving v6 a shot

    Well I noticed you had the beta up today so going to give it a go on my latest batch of weekly captures. It appears that if you have a current version of v5 h264 you can use your key to run it so thank you for that and it will get a lot of beta testers working things out for you. I've been...
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    Keep turning off automatically cut deleted scenes and it still deletes random parts.

    Like said my auto cut function is usually turned off and I keep finding large red swaths of my recordings have been marked randomly but somewhat close to actual scene delete marks. I used to be able to leave that feature on and it would properly mark the deleted portions and I'd double check and...
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    Missing exact single frame counter in v5

    Well I upgraded to v5 recently when I was doing some edits and conversions and it was offered during startup in 4. I noticed the frame counter is now missing the single frame digit that 4 had and I like to edit to the exact frame so it was nice to actually see the exact single frame go by to...
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