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    Where are the old VRD TVSuite V3 postings ?

    I wanted to search my old postings for VideoReDo TVSuite V3 but don’t see a sub-forum for that. Has all that information been deleted or is it archived somewhere?
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    Create DVD button missing

    Your How to Guide "How to Quickly Author a Single Title DVD" shows a "Create DVD" button in the lower right corner. However I don't see that on version And I didn't find it in any drop down menu list. It's been quite some time since I've created, authored or burned a DVD. I searched...
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    Combining VOB files comes up short

    I have a 4 hour video recorded on a DVD-R & copied it onto a HDD. It's all there & plays as a 4 hr video in VLC. I tried to combine the VOB files using Tools > Options > Advanced Features but I end up with a 2hr 27min video. What am I doing wrong?
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    Low audio when using Joiner

    I took a .WTV program, edited the commercials & trimmed the ends & added a blank title at the beginning using the joiner. Then re-saved it as a .WTV video. Then I wanted to mute the volume over the end credits. So I went back to the original project & cutoff the credits & saved this new main...
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    Red Frame Marker

    When you go into Set Thumbnail Parameters > Detailed waveform, it displays a small Red Frame Marker in the Navigation Bar on the frames. What is their purpose since I can see every frame without them? And how come they don’t appear at the same position on every frame?
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    No audio when News comes on

    I was cutting some commercials & noticed when there was also a brief News "commercial" inserted, or at the end of the recording when the News actually started, that there was no audio. Not a big deal since I want to delete the News, but I'm curious why is there no audio?
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    How do I avoid recoding ?

    How do I find out which “SaveAs” formats do not recode the video? I shot some video with a Canon digital camera & the files are HD .MOV format. I want to edit & re-save in some other format such as a more universal HD mpeg2 & am trying to avoid recoding. This is the basic MediaInfo information...
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    Will VRDTS V4 edit .MOV files?

    I took some videos with my Canon digital elph camera & would like to edit them. I currently have VRDTVS V3 and would like to know if upgrading to V4 is needed to edit .MOV files. I did some searching here & found a posting that said VRD Plus would edit MPEG-4 QuickTime video & PCM audio...
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    DVR-MS playback problem

    I have a short test pattern clip that I edited & saved from an OTA HD recording. It’s in .dvr-ms format. When playing using Windows Media Player, VLC, or MPC-HC everything looks OK. But using Windows Media Center when it’s finished playing I get the usual WMC screen showing the original...
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    Creating a loop or freeze frame video?

    I have a short video of a test pattern but would like to have it last longer. Is there a way to make a new longer video of this fixed pattern? Sort of like when you select how long you want a title to appear. Or do I have to just keep adding the short version to itself over & over?
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    ImgBurn for burning

    I’ve been using ImgBurn & VideoReDo does automatically launch it. When I first set this up I thought everything was “completely automatic“ as per message #2 in this thread. IOW if the video was already open in VRD I just...
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    How do you create an HD disc?

    I have VRDTS ver 3 & was thinking about upgrading to ver 4 in order to edit some OTA HD programs recorded with Windows Media Center. It appears ver4 can edit WMC recordings & save in several formats, but it cannot create or burn a Blu-ray or AVCHD disc. What do I do with an HD video when I'm...
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    Displaying Fields?

    Is there a way to display or view the individual fields within a frame?
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    Unwanted black title ?

    I joined 2 projects using the "Joiner" function. I tried several times but VRDTS keeps adding a blank black "title" of about 7 seconds between the 2 videos. And you can see a title being encoded at this point if you watch the processing. If I add a blank black title to the very beginning of the...
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    Optimum RAM ?

    Most things I read say 4Gb RAM with Windows 7 is pretty much all that one needs. But since VRDTS can work with video files larger than this, is it worth increasing RAM? IOW being able to fit a whole DVD's worth of video in RAM. Would that have any significant effect on speed, such as authoring?
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    Tcm Hd 4:3 ?

    I recorded a 4:3 ratio movie from TCM HD onto a Dish DVR, and then transferred to a stand alone DVD recorder using a composite video connection. Normally when I use VRDTS to burn a 4:3 ratio DVD-R, I keep the 4:3 ratio setting. However in this case the authored image is horizontally squeezed. I...
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    VIDEO_TS vs. ISO ?

    Is there any reason or industry standard for choosing VIDEO_TS vs. ISO in order to save a backup copy of a video on a hard drive? Is it just a matter of personal preference which format to save videos in? Or is there an actual benefit of choosing one over the other?
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    Audio "click" at start

    Sometimes I get an audio "click" at the very beginning of a video no matter where I edit & create the starting point. Even though the audio level looks like it is silent, there must be just enough in the lead in to create a click or pop sound when the video starts. Is there any way to silence...
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    Color Correction

    Can anyone recommend an easy to use software program that will let me do some color adjustments to an mpeg file?
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    Multiple cores make a big difference

    I recently upgraded to a quad core PC & it sure is a lot faster processing video than the old single core machine. I use to start the authoring process & then go eat dinner or watch TV because a 2 hour video took about an hour to author. I just authored a video which had two 55 minute projects...
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