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    So is VideoReDo Pro still expensive as hell?

    I continue to be distraught over how many 4:2:2 H.264 recordings I can't edit. -_- What's the current going price for selling this program to a single consumer for personal home use?
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    I have a VideoReDo 4 license. What incentives does V5 offer me to buy an upgrade?

    Here's my biggest pet peevs with VideoReDo V4: -Can't edit VC-1 video -Can't edit HEVC video -Can't edit 10-bit or 4:2:2 H.264 video -Can't edit files with Dolby E audio tracks -Can't edit files with DTS-HD Master Audio tracks -Can't edit files encoded with no I-Frames And I want to be able to...
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    ESPN trouble

    Something seems to go horribly awry when editing recordings from ESPN. The program detects the video as being 29.97 fps instead of 59.94 and on the output it strips out half the frames from the video. But when you play the raw unedited file in a player like MPC-HC it plays back fine...
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    [678a] Problems editing 4K video

    So I have a problem. I am trying to edit some footage from a 4K TV channel and VideoReDo isn't a fan. When I go to save as a H.264 transport stream it says "Recoding output" and then spits out this error: LargeBufferMalloc: No more memory. and it crashes. Here's the tech specs of file:
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    Problems with 4:2:2 H.264 video

    Hi, I am having problems with VideoReDo and H.264 video with 4:2:2 colorspace. Whenever I open the video, the program edit window remains black and it tells me to quickstream fix every time I try to seek. I am on latest beta. This is becoming troublesome because an increasing amount of...
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    I've encountered a MPEG-2 .ts VRD can't open properly. Here's a sample file.

    **Using the latest VRD 4 beta version on Win7 64** Problem: The main .ts file is over 3 hours long. I can't even get VRD to finish opening it. It originates from a satellite source. You know how varied the encoders can be for satellite material. I've removed a 15 second sample piece from it...
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    Mpeg stream error: Video output buffer not flushed when starting new segment.

    Getting really tired of this error. I've encountered it before but this is the first time I cannot fix it by changing the output rate to 19.2 Mbps. I've tried QuickStream fix (program crashes), changing edit points, changing output mux rate, nothing works. Skip encoder conformity checks is...
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