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    VideoReDo Pro 6 - beta, HEVC 10-bit 4:2:2 files

    @Danr, not a single 10 bit 4:2:2 file can be opened. There are several such test samples uploaded by me through glenpinn plus his own - why don't you test these files yourself before releasing a new beta pro version ??? All popular players can play these test samples. VideoReDo Pro can not even...
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    Why doesn't anyone respond to e-mail or PN?

    Almost 10 days ago I made a request by e-mail regarding a UHD 4:2:2 capable per beta version. No answer. Then I repeated the request here in the forum. No useful answer. Then I wrote a PN to Danr with some data. No answer. What is this? When I bought the pro version 1.5 years ago it was said...
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    Update Error

    Hello, I renewed my system and installed VRD4 + VRD5 again. Activation of the upgrade from 4 to 5 was a bit more complicated ... but it worked. The update function on the program works but no longer with me. There will probably be no new versions, but the feature should work anyway. Can...
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    4:2:2 in 4:2:0 Convert

    Hello Sorry for my bad English. I have unfortunately only now seen the Pro version and installed the trial version. A first question I would have: is it not possible to convert a 4:2:2 TS file H.264 (for example feed) to a 4:2:0 TS file H. 264? The chroma button is grayed out with (Trial...
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    Hide the sound at the end?

    Hello Sorry for my bad English. Is there a way to hide the sound slowly for example at the end of a video? If not, is it planned? Would I find good. Best regards
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    Image overlay graphics at ViderReDo

    Hello first of all sorry for my bad English. This is not my native language. I've been using VideoReDo TVSuiteV4 w/H. 264 ( latest version and am very happy. But, I have a small graphic problem, which could also be due to my graphics card or computer for a long time. If I want to...
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