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    Mpeg stream error: Audio Ring Buffer Overflow

    Hi I am trying to recode a mpeg 2 .iso to a mpeg2 .mkv, and I get the Mpeg stream error: Audio Ring Buffer Overflow error. My #13 and #14 shift+tools+options are set to 256 and 512 respectively. I am not sure what else to try. I am running w7 with VRD-TVSuite4 ver Any assistance...
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    audio ring buffer overflow

    Hi I am trying to author to ISO a .wtv stream-fixed file. Keeps failing with Audio Ring Buffer Overflow. I have defined 6 cuts, if that's relevant. Pls help? v4.21.3.667 Thanks! File: Name : T:\The Third Man_Film4_2013_10_11_14_43_00 fix.wtv...
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    very low CPU utilisation

    Hi I am running VRD version 4 (VRDTVSH264-4-20-7-629d) on the 15-day trial. On the couple of files I have tried, CPU usage drops from the initially high 75% plus with lots of reading of source file and writing to output file, down to 5 - 10% CPU and negligible read/write activity. This...
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