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    Question before Purchasing

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    Question before Purchasing

    Will there be a discount to those us of that previously purchased V5?
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    What are the V6 advantages over V5

    Besides the obvious (HEVC) support what are the other main advantages over V5? Is it faster, more reliable new features?
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    encode audio but not video

    I have some h.264/dts videos and would like to encode the audio to AAC while leaving the video intact. Is this possible with VRD V5?
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    how to "Watch Folder" ?

    I record to a specific directory and would like to run VRD batch manager through all recordings and create a project file for each using the watch folder feature. I launch batch manager "When VideoReDo starts"... I have "Start batch manager in running state" checked... My watch folder is...
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    Video playback distorted

    Video playback in VRD V5 only displaying in top left portion of GUI? V4 was fine. I can't seem to find any setting/option that would fix this...
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    VideoReDo weekend Support?

    Does VideoReDo answer support questions over the weekend?
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    Is this many errors normal?

    Here is a picture of the output of a video I recorded using a HD Homerun that I ran through VRD... Video is 1080i HD siganl from Cable QAM Is this many errors normal and what is the most likely cause? Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
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    Vprj files opening up with expired V3

    I run the batch program to detect commercials and create project files and when I try to open a project file it opens with V3 and says it is expired. I actually have to open V4 and go through the file -> open project menu. I went into XP's File Types and tried to force .Vprj extensions to use...
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    Can't upgrade

    I just purchased VRD Suite upgrade and received the email with instructions to upgrade. I downloaded and installed the package and put in my name and upgrade token like instructed. However it will not register correctly and says I have an expired trial. The upgrade wizard says that Suite is...
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    How to automate ad-detective on folder

    I record a lot of stuff and usually every couple of days I run VideoReDo in batch mode to detect commercials. I would like to know if there is a way to automate this task. I have used Dirmon with showanalyzer before but I did not like the automatic cutting of the file ass I like to make sure...
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