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    Still can't edit recorded HD ts streams

    I've tried your software several times over the years and discounted it because it doesn't cleanly edit recorded video properly. As I got a new latop recently, I thought I'd install the trial again (now on v6) to see if it's better but no, I still can't edit video without corrupting it. To...
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    Flaws with 264 ts editing

    Ok I am uploading the example now and the project file so you can recreated the edited file. After some testing I have found that the edited file plays ok prior to recompressing with ffmpeg but, once compressed to H265, playing back through the edit points tends to cause the audio to misbehave...
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    Flaws with 264 ts editing

    I want to be able to edit HD TV recordings and then compress them to H265 (which I do in batch using ffmpeg). However, using the trial version of Videredo, I am finding various problems. Firstly, I find for some edits, on playback the center channel of the audio cuts out at the edit point. If...
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