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    Cuts return after handbrake encode???

    Ok so this is really strange. I have my tv recordings edited automatically with comskip/mcebuddy. I use videoredo to get anything it misses, usually a piece and the beginning and end. I then process the file (.TS) through the Videoredo batch manager to produce a new .TS. Just a remux no...
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    Plus version is enough just for commercial editing?

    Just want to clarify, if I just want to use ad-detective, to edit ads and make a new .TS, plus should be fine? Is there any limitation to ad detective or the editing process?
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    Is there a guide to properly deinterlace broadcast TV to mkv/h264?

    Maybe I am just not looking int he right areas but I thought this would be one of the main tasks that videoredo was used for. Grabbing 1080i OTA or cable and converting to h264/mkv. The stuff that you can download on the net (piracy I know but just making a point) that has an HDTV source is...
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    Settings for 1080i mpeg2 to 1080p mkv/mp4

    I am messing around with the trial. I would like to know the best settings to convert recorded broadcast tv. Which is mpeg2 in a TS container, to h264 in an mkv (I would like to leave the AC3 audio alone) I have always struggled to properly deinterlace 1080i material. Is there some settings...
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