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    Hauppauge HD-PVR?

    Just as good or better is the Popcorn Hour Digital Media Adapter that will stream virtually any format (video or music) from NAS or desktop computer to the TV via HDMI. It can have its own HD to store and play back. The PCH is better than Roku as it is not locked down as Roku is.
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    Invalid Redirect

    Pat and Dans, when I log on now I get the message below: vBulletin Message Invalid Redirect URL ( The forum url is now I sent an email to support yesterday (listed above) and it bounced with my provider...
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    Does VRD support VC-1 in any kind of way? I have 7 videos (main w/ lots of smaller files and decrytped) ripped from Bluray that are VC-1 and complain when opening. I have never worked with VC-1 before. One is complaining that "No Audio stream found" and then "Unable to open file". Smaller...
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    Webm Container

    I occasionally save videos from Youtube to my HD. Up until a few months ago those saved videos were .mp4 with decent quality, now they are .webm format, Flash is going away. After a little research it seems that webm is a subset of the matroska container using VP8/9 video codecs for Html5. I...
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    DVD Authoring Crash

    I was trying to author a DVD with a collection of pilot TV shows plus a few music videos as fillers. The TV pilots have already been archived; commercials removed, compressed as mkv and frame-rate reduced to 23.97 plus one that was still as mpg/ts. The music videos were from YouTube that are...
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    Crash on NBC OTA

    I have been running 629 for a long time because it simply worked. Now the new TV season is upon us and I am recording a show on NBC OTA-1080i, AC3 5.1. This video has lots of P frames for some strange reason and intially caused 629 to display the Yellow Triangle after marking all my cuts and...
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    Low Playback Audio

    Well I finally upgraded to 641, 629 was working just fine for me. The first thing I noticed is the audio playback is much lower than 629 and this is using the default setting, both on 629 and 641--Using DirectSound drivers and Primary Sound Driver. I fiddled with some of the other audio...
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    What is the difference between 629d released yesterday vs. 629d released on 11/7? And why the 3 releases of 629 (a,d,d)? Mike
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    Log Files

    I usually do not have a need to look at the log files but I do remember very recently (last several versions) that VRD was making log files on a daily basis or on days it was used. Each month when I do backups I delete all the log files as they can accumulate quite a bit. Now that I have 629d...
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    Make DVD Issue

    This is the first time I am trying to make a dual-layer DVD. I added 2 movies and 2 music videos. All are 29.97 and either avi converted to mp4 converted to mpg2. Movie 1-3.1GB, 2.5Mpbs, 720x480, Progressive Movie 2-2.5GB, 3.4Mpbs, 720x480, Progressive Music Video 1-57MB, 1.5Mpbs, 380x352...
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    AVI Conversion

    I know that VRD does not currently handle AVI videos but since the addition of ffmpeg I wonder if avi videos can be handled like flv videos--simply save as mp4. I have acquired some avi videos and would like to possibly create some DVD's BUT the conversion apps do a terrible job. What I mean...
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    No Trim n Copy for 627

    Hi Dan, with v628 I ran QSF against the sample clip I uploaded and it started processing then stopped---the time has been increasing for the last ~4 minutes. Just as I was going to click Submit VRD terminated QSF and an error box popped up stating ''Graph abort in: Output muxer, error: TS...
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    No Trim n Copy for 627

    I made an OTA recording from Fox last night, Terra Nova, it is 720p 59.94fps as reported by VRD and MediaInfo. Somehow the beginning got corrupted enough to not play properly in VRD v627, such as the video was running very fast and the audio sounded like mosquitoes. I tried running through QSF...
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    Need some help setting up a profile

    There was a small flirtation with dbx encoded discs, about a dozen or so. Also there was another flirtation with pure virgin vinyl discs that sounded really good, much better than the regular vunyl discs. But alas both formats were expensive. Here is a snap shot from the Heart album.
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    Little Things to Fix

    1. When saving H264 video the ''English'' Recoding/Fast Copy are still missing from the Output box. 2. The path info, drive letter of the files is missing from the File recent file list history. SO for example, if the original file J:\video.ts is saved to K:\some dir\video.ts most of the time...
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    605 and H264 Broken

    I opened a new H264 (Stargate Universe) and cut out the commercials and saved. Three little squares lit up on the progress bar and then poof, nothing, disk access stops and then the yellow triangle appears. WTF!!! Option #66 was on 2, then I changed it to 0 and tried again with same results...
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    VRD Crashes Using Option 66

    I recorded Fringe last Thursday and have two sections where the audio is gone for about 3-4 seconds after these cuts while playing on my PCH--preview is OK. The cuts are from I-frame to I-frame and are in the black areas. NOTE: I have had this this issue happen once in a while and it appears...
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    H264 Recoding

    I am resurrecting an old thread from the alpha H264. I am still experiencing artifacts when recoding OTA mpg 1080i to H264 1080i. The last comment from Dan was on 2/20. This problem has been occuring since build 590. I observed 2...
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    New Batch Builder Error

    I found a small bug, faux pas maybe in the new Batch Builder. After selecting several mpg/ts videos to convert to H264 the display sez for the Encoding type: H.263/AVC. Is this for real? Should this be H.264??? See attached. Mike
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    Studdering with H264 and 720p

    I tried the tip of changing my cable box format from default 1080i to 720p--sorry I forgot who mentioned it here. My HD-PVR is connected to the cable box. I recorded a sample HD (actual HD) program and previewed it in VRD 598. I noticed studdering throughout the 1 hour recording--ie it was...