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  1. francois91

    Multiple streams handling

    I heard about that feature (handling in the same time several audio streams). When will it be available ? (The turnaround of generating several times the audio track does not work, because on damaged meg streams, the algo used to skip video or audio frames results in differences in audio length)
  2. francois91

    Multiple audio tracks

    I have recorded some movies (with a Siemens M740) with 2 audio tracks. I would like to obtain the 3 streams. My first experience was to edit two times the movie, one with each stream selected. Bad luck, in that case, the 2 video streams have not the same length (neither the audio BTW). Is there...
  3. francois91

    Beta version 497 and crid

    HAving read "VideoReDo Plus - ========================== [Fix] CRID: Double click on an entry in the CRID list will cause a crash." I immediately downloaded this version ! Unfortunately, double click on a crid file actually works fine, but in that case when trying to save the files...
  4. francois91

    Execution of data section

    I'm a M740 user and use Videoredo for editing the crid. Two points : - One have to allow Videoredo to execute data. This is a hole in security (However, it does not happen on another pC...) - When I select a record in the list of M740 files, a double-click crash VideoRedo, while using the...
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