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    Change audio at beginning

    Hello, I have a transport stream recorded from sat-tv. The movie I would like to cut out has at the beginning AC3 audio with 2 channels (few frames). The movie itself has audio AC3 5.1. If I cut out the movie with VRD6 the result is a file marked as AC3 2Ch (VRD6, VLC). If I play the movie on...
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    Transport-stream options

    Hello, I made the first few steps with VRD6 and can't find an option that was present in VRD5: Remove filler NALs (there are some other options missing, but I never used them ;)) I use this option whenever I edit recordings from the TV (mostly ts/h.264/p50) and save them again as ts-stream...
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    German translation

    Hello, I looked at the settings in the program and encountered a mistake in the translation, which is repeatedly seen in several places in the program with small differences. There seems to be a problem with "Auto" ;); there is always something shown with "90° im Uhrzeigersinn". Here are some...
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    No PIDs error on open

    Hello, many thanks for the new version. With this one, I get trouble if I try to make a short piece of vid. I get the following error message: I switched back to 743e and I don't have this problem while creating exactly the same piece of file. So there must be something wrong with this...
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    File size of transportstreams VRD5 - VRD4

    During the tests concerning the Batch Manager (h264 transportstream, just cuts, no recoding of the hole file), I noticed that the output files from VRD4 and VRD5 have significant differences in the file size. I made some more tests and I think the settings in VRD4 and VRD5 are the same. Test...
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    Batch manager features/issues

    My english is not so good, but I'll try... I switched to VRD5 (from VRD4) a few weeks ago and I have two questions about the new batch Manager. 1. Note-window If I cut several videos with the batch Manager, sometimes the program seems to have problems to find the timestamps and then a...
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