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    Large audio lag on edit HEVC file

    Hi, I had vrd 6-60-7-812 installed and edited HEVC video recorded from German TV. Audio is lagging appr. 1 s behind video. Going back to vrd 806 this does not occur.
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    Found a reason for VRD 6 crash

    Because I had to replace my PC I reinstalled VRD 6. Having edited a video file I saved it at a specified location, VRD reported success, but stopped working. A message "a false argument has been set" (Es wurde ein falsches Argument festgestellt) was displayed. No way to exit VRD except with...
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    From an HEVC encoded Video a large first part cannot be cut

    I recorded from German TV a 2.4 Gb large HEVC transmission. It turned out that the first half was not what I wanted so I tried to cut it out. Unfortunately VRD6 was not able to do so and stopped with a yellow exclamation mark. I then tried to cut smaller parts about 300 MB large one by one...
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    vs 796 does not open ts and m2ts files any more

    When I tried to open an HEVC coded video with ending ts or m2ts I get the message"Video program stream not found". Not such a problem with mpg files. Any suggestions?
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    Video TVSuite 6 Beta 793 crashes

    I tried to edit a HEVC file recorded from German TV. When moving around in the file in order to set a cut mark VideoReDo crashes without a message. This does not happen with other recorded files, but seems to occur when the Audio Stream is encoded in EAC3. I suspect this audio stream is the...
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    VRDTV-6-4-85-791c doesnot open a HEVC coded file

    Trying beta version VRDTV-6-4-85-790a allowed to open and edit a HEVC codes file, but crashed, when trying to save the edited file. VRDTV-6-4-85-791c does not open a HEVC coded file and crashed, when trying so with my standard PC. So I run some tests with the 791 version on different computers...
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